Added newly the sCLK-EX optional power input


 In order to improve sound quality much in detail when using tX-USBultra and sMS-200ultra in your audio system, the power input specification has been subdivided.
Now, the power input specification is selected from 9V (Standard), 12Vdc or 6.5Vdc to 8.5Vdc.

If you want to change the power input of your sCLK-EX, please check the revision number of the sCLK-EX board and use the jumper pin after checking the image below. In case of REV1.2 board, the soldering to R342 would be required

sCLK-EX Jumper setting

The power input of tX-USBultra and sMS-200ultra, which use sCLK-EX, can be also changed in the same way. However, to prevent damage to the product by the disassemble or modification of the product, we recommend you contacting your local dealer or the store where you bought the units to change the voltage settings.

The jumper setting or soldering to set 6.5Vdc ~ 8.5Vd power input can be used in 9V power product and it doesn’t harm to operate the unit.

Thank you.