Latest Eunhasu F/W V0.4.17


The Eunhasu Firmware version number. 0.4.17 is now released


Version : V0.4.17

– Date : 19-03-2018
– Update squeezelite to 1.8.7
– Update upmpdcli to 1.2.15
– Update Librespot to fix)
– Fixed bugs when using Upmpdcli streaming
– Fixed library config page
– Kernel upgrade to 4.4.14-209(Add supported DACs)


If you have anything to be reported after the update, please email us to “”


The update progress will take around 5~15 mins, so please fully wait till the update would be fully completed. But if you think the update might be gone wrongly, please use the link below to re-load the Eunhasu image newly to the micro sd card.


Thank you!


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sMS-200ultra won 5 world, OUTSTANDING-amongst the best by HIFI world magazine.


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