The latest firmware V0.2.6 for sMS-200

The latest firmware ver. 0.2.6 for sMS-200 is now available.

Please proceed the upgrade via Eunhasu Web GUI.

  1. Connect sMS-200 Web GUI, enter http://eunhasu/ or its IP address(http://eunhasu.local/ on iOS).
  2. Mouse over or click the System Setup image and then action buttons will appear.
  3. Click the System Upgrade button and then the Upgrade page will appear.
  4. Click ‘Upgrade Now’button to upgrade to the latest version. It will take a few munite to be updated, please do not disconnect while proceeding the upgrade.



sMS-200 is  completely profiled and tested as Roon Tested player.


Note : When updating from V0.1.9 by Safari web browser, the progress-bar seems not moving or to be stuck around 17% point. If you experience this behavior, you should wait enough and we strongly recommend updating twice to make sure the update completion.

Thank you.

Ultimate Series products got awarded IDA Honorable Mention.



The IDA Juries have finalized the 9th annual Design Awards Honorable Mention winners selections


Jun 28 2016


LOS ANGELES, Jun 16 2016 Los Angeles, SOtM of Korea, Republic of was Awarded: Honorable Mention in TV, Video and Audio Equipment Competition for the Ultimate series Project.


IDA honorary juries examined over 1000 entries submitted by architects and designers of interiors, fashion, products, and graphics from 52 countries throughout the world. After final decisions had been made, the jury rewarded the best professional and emerging designers for their achievements in terms of design, creativity, usability and innovation. Judging was a rigorous process, with winners receiving publication of their work in the International Design Awards Book of Designs. The coveted IDA Trophy will be awarded to all Designer of the Year title winners at the official biennial International Design Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles.


This annual competition recognizes, honors and promotes legendary design visionaries and uncovers emerging talents in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design on global level.


The members of the jury included Alice Blackwood Editor, Design Quarterly, Kahi Lee – Host, HGTV’s “Design on a Dime”, Style Network’s “My Celebrity Home”, Melissa Sterry – Interdisciplinary Design Scientist, Founder, Societas,Josh Rubin – Editor-in-Chief, Founder, and Publisher, Cool Hunting, Martin Venzky – Stalling, Senior Advisor, CMU STeP, Jeffrey Nemeroff – Co-Founder, Creative Director, Entra Magazine, Jordan Landes-Brenman CEO, Haute House PR & Marketing, Raj Nandan – Managing Director, Indesign Group, William Menking – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, The Architects’ Newspaper, Nicole Lloyd – Senior Art Buyer, Deutsch, Inc., Rebecca Epstein Kong – Co-founder, Artware Editions, Aaron Kenedi – Editor-in-Chief, Print, Geraldine Grisey – Editor, Punky B Fashion Diary.


The SOtM of Korea, Republic of, was Awarded: Honorable Mention Prize in TV, Video and Audio Equipment Competition for the Ultimate series Project



The Ultimate series is a complete high performance audio system including a server, dac, pre amplifier and power amplifier with the purest power supply unit based in one shape of chassis. All details like simplified appearance, a separated top cover from the body, a rubber company logo which makes the product not too cold, a switch knob looks apart from the edge of front panel and a white colored OLED display make some differences from others.



In modern society, music always exists around us regardless of our will. It is truly hard to imagine if our daily life will be just going around without music. Since we have heard music from our mother’s womb and will keep hearing music to the very last moment of our life, it means our life cannot be separated from music. Music which is always being with us is not just physical vibration in air, nor an object but exists in a sequence of rhythm arranged by melody and harmony. If such musical elements can reach to us by the physical ways, we will definitely feel Soul Of the Music™ and experience the whole of art, otherwise, music will be just an imagination which can’t move our heart and our mind. In the past period of time, music could be delivered only by musician’s physical performance, however, thanks to the drastic and continuous development of the technology, the great musician’s performance can come alive without any distortion and move our soul even who have disappeared into the time. SOtM is a very special brand which can deliver the Soul Of the Music through state of the art audio technology. SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.


Designer’s Contact:



About IDA


A handful of designers, thinkers and entrepreneurs created the International Design Awards in 2007 as a response to the lack of recognition and celebration for smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design. The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design. IDA aspires to draw attention to the iconoclasm of design world wide, conceptualizing and producing great work.


IDA 15-Ultimate series

sMS-200 Richard Beers Innovation Award Winner

 sMS-200 won Richard Beers Innovation Award at 2016 T.H.E new port show! Celebrate!

 sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed by our own technology. We have the most special and unique original technology such as Ultra low noise regulator, Ultra low jitter clock, active noise canceler, multi stage regulation and the other leading edge original technology, they can’t be easily copied nor reproduced by others. These are applied to the sMS-200, and it presents the most detailed and high quality sound and it is the key feature that why sMS-200 is so special.

 sMS-200 is presenting the most attractive sound quality compared to others in the same price range products on the market, actually we believe that there is no one in the same price range with such high quality audio product in current market.

 Experience the difference and surprise with sMS-200 developed by SOtM.