In recent years, almost all technologies have been digitally processed, so the word, “digital”, has now become the center of all technologies and no longer awkward.

 Maybe the word, “analog”, has already become a mysterious entity so seems gone far away, but we must not forget that digital technology is a part of analog technology. This means that analog technology has been around for a very long time and will be continued to be used in the future.

 The word, “analog”, contains analog media such as vinyl records (LP) and cassette tapes that we haven’t heard since our parents’ generation or when we were very young, so the feeling of the word Analog is like very original and native, and this would be the same reason why analog recording is represented as the source and the beauty of music.

 While these analog technologies have been developed into MD, CD, File, and network streaming from Reeltape, Vinyl (LP), Cassette tape, etc., some technologies have disappeared and been forgotten, but vinyl recording is still an excellent technology that is loved by many people.

 However, it takes a lot of effort to play these vinyl records properly since many elements such as turn tables, tone arms, phono equalizers, and cartridges must be used, and sound is determined by these elements, which doubles the difficulty in setting the audio system. It’s like the same effort as setting up today’s file players, network streaming players, and so on.

 sPQ-100 is a phono equalizer among the various elements of Vinyl player.

In the days when Vinyl records were mainstream, many record companies released records, and like digital files today, many companies created EQ graphs that fit their own characteristics and applied them to their recordings.
In addition, the cartridge, which is a essential element for Vinyl player, also had a variety specifications, and such various specifications have been used until now.

 Although there are already many phono equalizers on the market, but as described above, there are not many products that can meet the various EQ and cartridge specifications.

 The sPQ-100 is designed to respond to these various EQ graphs and cartridge specifications through the switch settings on the top of the product. This means that the sPQ-100 can maximize the performance of various vinyl records and cartridges.

 So, the sPQ-100 can be said to be a collection of SOtM’s analog technologies.

 Many people may know SOtM to mainly develop digital products, but SOtM’s digital products are based on analog + digital circuits designed using very precise analog technology. The sPQ-100 is a product that fully reflects SOtM’s deep understanding of analog technology.

 The sPQ-100 is built with circuits that amplify very fine signals hundreds to thousands of times, and allow you to select a phono EQ with various characteristics, also, the sPQ-100 is based on SOtM’s special noise reduction technology. So, all of these elements bring more than maximum performance at a minimum price like other SOtM products.

 Just by using the sPQ-100, you’ll be able to wake up the beautiful analog sound that’s deeply asleep in the Vinyl record.

Key Features

  • Support various kind of EQ graph by selection switches

○ MM/MC cartridge selection
○ Input impedance/capacitance selection
○ Bass boost level selection
○ Bass turnover frequency selection
○ High frequency roll off frequency selection
○ Total gain selection

  • Wide input voltage range


User interface
  Power on/off switch
  Operating indicator LED x1
  MM/MC selection switch
  Input impedance/capacitance selection switch
MM : 47KΩ, 100pF, 150pF, 220pF, 330pF
MC : 15Ω, 20Ω, 100Ω, 500Ω, 10pF
  Bass boost level selection switch
14.5dB, 16dB, 20dB @ 20Hz, 33dB @ 7Hz(no bass shelf)
  Bass turnover frequency selection switch
250Hz, 354Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz
  High frequency roll off frequency selection switch
1592Hz, 2122Hz, 2500Hz, 3183Hz
  Total gain selection switch
40dB, 50dB, 60dB, 70dB @ 1KHz
  Tolerance : ±10%(all switch location)
Input/Output signal
  Input signal
    Stereo RCA jack with earth terminal x 1
    MM input
Signal level : 3mVac ~ 10mVac @ 1KHz
Recommended impedance : 47KΩ
Recommended capacitance : 100pF ~ 330pF
Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
    MC input
signal level : 0.1mVac ~ 1mVac @ 1KHz
Recommended impedance : 15Ω ~ 500Ω
Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
  Output signal
    Stereo RCA jack 
    Output signal level : 9.5Vac Max
    Output impedance : 20Ω typical
    Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
    SNR : 100dB typical @ 1KHz max output level(MC, RIAA, 50dB Gain setting)
  Tolerance : ±10%(all signal level, gain and frequency)
DC power input
  Input voltage : 7Vdc~9Vdc
  Input current : 1A max
  5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID adaptor jack
Operating environment
  Operating temperature : 0 ~ +40℃
  Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40℃
  Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
  106 x 48 x 245(mm)
  1.5kg >