TAS EdChoice 2018 JPG HIREZ_sMS-200 - 복사본

sMS-200 won 2018 TAS Editors’ Choice Awards !


SOtM sMS-200 won 2018 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards!

The March issue of The Absolute Sound features Editors’ Choice Awards. In this annual feature, writers recommend components that they would buy themselves or recommend to family and friends. This issue is well-read, kept, and referred to throughout the year by consumers and retailers alike.

Editors’ Choice for 2018 includes the SOtM SMS-200.TAS EdChoice 2018 JPG HIREZ_sMS-200 - 복사본sms-200_f

Let’s celebrate! And thank you for all!





When connecting NAS to Roon server on sMS-1000SQ


Eunhasu web GUI is the web graphic user interface for the sMS-200, sMS-200ultra or sMS-1000SQ. And we just found a bug on Eunhasu for sMS-1000SQ while using Roon server feature.
The bug is about losing the network connection on Roon remote app or stopping playing music occasionally while using Roon server feature on Eunhasu. The other feature on Eunhasu for sMS-1000SQ has no issue, so please follow the instruction below till we would fix the issue and update the result in the next firmware version.

Note 1. Please do not run the Eunhasu web gui windows while you play music files, which means please shut down the Eunhasu web gui windows after selecting the desired function(Roon server) to play music.
Note 2. If you still think the roon server seems having the strange symptom, please do not go back to Eunhasu web gui, but please power off the unit forcibly by using the power on/off button on the front panel and then power on again. After powering on the unit, please do not go back to Eunhasu web GUI, but play music file on Roon remote app, cause Eunhasu remembers the same player function as you set earlier and if you go to Eunhasu web gui after rebooting, still there would be same situation happened.

Again, we are so sorry for the error found on Eunhasu, and it will be fixed shortly and updated to the latest F/W version.

Thank you.


———————————————————————————Updated on 28th, Dec, 2017—————-

After the various tests, we found NAS settings in Roon has some issue in Roon Server on sMS-1000SQ, and assuming it is related with the result which losing a connection between the Roon remote and Roon server .

So when you use NAS, please follow the instruction below to use the system stable, We are now discussing details with Roonlabs and try to update solutions in short term.

1. Active Roon Server on Euhasu web gui and then try to connect sMS-1000SQ by Roon remote app.( If it will take time, please do not stop and wait till it’s connected.)Library config2. Please remove all NAS connections in Roon remote-> Settings->Storage.
3. And then reboot sMS-1000SQ
4. After rebooting the sMS-1000SQ, connect Eunhasu Web GUI, go to Library config -> Network library config and put the required information to use NAS and then click ‘Sync & Save changes’.

5. To check the setting has been applied, go to  Library config menu again..
6. And please exit/close the Eunhasu Web gui and run Roon remote app, go to Settings->Storage and click Add folder -> browse button. And Choose Music Storage Folder will be appeared. 
7. Choose /music folder like the image below, and then you are able to see the path which has been set in the  Eunhasu Web GUI Library config, You can use ‘Select this folder’ button and  ‘Add’ button to complete the settings.

Choose Music Storage Folder

8. Go to Roon Settings->Storage to check the settings has been applied correctly..


We are trying to solve the issue in very short term, please report us if you have experienced another issue or related with this issue.We will try to fix the issue in short term .


Thank you and happy new year!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Seasons greeting.
Time files so fast, we are at the end of the year already.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year! May all your dreams for the coming year be fulfilled.Christmas gifAnd we are really thankful for your love in this year for SOtM.
Best regards, May Park and SOtM team



please vote for the CA Readers Choice Awards 2017 here, https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/37849-ca-readers-choice-awards-2017/

 My rank would go for

  1. tX-USBultra(opt for Master clock input connector)
  2. sCLK-EX(opt for Master cloc input connector)
  3. dCBL-CAT7 Special Edition

 And still i think the sMS-200ultra should be on the list, but the sMS-200 has been released from the last year, so that I put the sCLK-EX instead of sMS-200ultra. Thank you!



Notice : Delay in Shipment


Holiday notice in October


SOtM will close an office from the first day of Oct to 8th, Oct to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving Day, “CHUSEOK”.

In the meantime, SOtM would not respond in a timely manner but will keep watching on our email box.

Please use either of following email address to get prompt response, we will try to reach you with the proper answer as soon as possible.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Happy Korean Thanksgiving Day!




Press release : RMAF 2017

Added newly the sCLK-EX optional power input


 In order to improve sound quality much in detail when using tX-USBultra and sMS-200ultra in your audio system, the power input specification has been subdivided.
Now, the power input specification is selected from 9V (Standard), 12Vdc or 6.5Vdc to 8.5Vdc.

If you want to change the power input of your sCLK-EX, please check the revision number of the sCLK-EX board and use the jumper pin after checking the image below. In case of REV1.2 board, the soldering to R342 would be required

sCLK-EX Jumper setting

The power input of tX-USBultra and sMS-200ultra, which use sCLK-EX, can be also changed in the same way. However, to prevent damage to the product by the disassemble or modification of the product, we recommend you contacting your local dealer or the store where you bought the units to change the voltage settings.

The jumper setting or soldering to set 6.5Vdc ~ 8.5Vd power input can be used in 9V power product and it doesn’t harm to operate the unit.

Thank you.


2017 Summer holiday Notice

Greetings all.

Our office will close from 29th, Jul till 2th, Aug for summer holiday.

In the meantime we would not respond promptly on any request, please understand in advance and we will be back to work normally on 3th, Aug.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and wish you have a wonderful summer .

PS, SOtM will attend the upcoming RMAF in early Nov. We are planning to reveal the new product which hasn’t been revealed on the market yet for the first time. The details would be shared after the summer holiday.


Notice : sMS-200ultra & tX-USBultra shipping delay


Press release : sMS-200ultra