URGENT NEWS about COVID19 situations

Hello Everyone,

We all know that everyone is going through a difficult situation with Covid.

Today, our company also posted a notice to ask for your understanding that there may be a delay in business response than usual due to a case where one of our employees is confirmed.

Please be careful and stay healthy.

Thank you.

New Kernel Update(5.11.20)

Our updated kernel is now available in our server.

If your DAC is not in this link, https://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:start#additional_information, please check the details in the link first ,and email us for more information.

Also, we added following two points to our server. To apply these changes, please remove and reinstall the feature on HQplayer NAA config page and Squeezelite&LMS config page. The logitech media server update is only available on sMS-1000SQ.

– HQplayerNAA 4.2.0
– Logitechmediaserver 8.3.0-0.1-20211105 on only x86_64

Thank you.