Upgrade cost to SDP-1000EX from sDP-1000



This information is about the cost and process to upgrade sDP-1000 to sDP-1000EX.


Why this upgrade is recommended and should be done? 

Because the following main improvement can be made from the sDP-1000 to sDP-1000EX.


  • Support to DSDx 128 and DXD.
  • By improving the balance in all bandwidth, specially the mid-low frequency bandwidth have been better played.
  • By keeping the high resolutions in playback, it could play music with deeper textures, so sound quality becomes more natural but very dynamics than before.
  • Redesign the battery for the remote newly, so normal coin battery can be used.
  • DC power can be used without the battery power.

 When used with the sPS-500, a high-performance audio DC power source, it could provide much stable and high-quality sound. With increasing in resolutions specially, it produces rich and high-quality sound that makes you feel like you are using several other high performance devices in the system.

 For reference, if you want to operate the sDP-1000EX without using the battery power, please power off all connected devices and disconnect all cables. And disconnect the internal battery connection cable. (You can find the battery replacement section at the bottom side of the product to disconnect the internal battery connection able). Wait around 30 seconds after disconnecting internal battery power connection, then connect the DC power cable back to the sDP-1000EX, and power on the power source. And turn on the power by pressing the power switch on the back of the sDP-1000EX.

 In addition, if sCLK-EX with the master clock input is installed to the sDP-1000EX to be able to have 10MHz mater clock input signal, you can easily reach to the higher level sound quality. By synchronizing 10Mhz master clock signal, the sound level would become much natural and beautiful besides rough and dry sound which have pointed out as a disadvantage of digital audio equipment.

 The upgrade cost to the sDP-1000EX is USD700, and if you want to install the master clock input to the sDP-1000EX, USD1050 is extra cost.

 You can ask the detials about this upgrade to your local dealer,  the dealer where you bought, or us directly.

 More details will be informed by circumstances.


The upgrade would take around 1 or max.2 weeks to be completed including the delivery time. 

You can purchase the sDP-1000EX directly on our online shopping mall too.


Thank you.