The sPS-1000 is a high performance DC linear power supply which connects with audio devices using DC power to maximize the sonic performance.

 It is designed to operate by linear circuits only, which means it doesn’t use any digital circuits at all. So it doesn’t generate any digital high frequency noise. Also, it uses Ultra Low Noise Regulator circuits to minimize the faint noise occurring even from linear circuits and it has the built-in Noise filter to block the noise coming from AC power.

 For stable operation, it has a built-in output short protection circuit and over-temperature protection circuit, and also high performance audio components have been chosen through a number of experiments for the best fits.

 There are 3 power outputs; High, Mid, and Low Level available on the rear panel of the sPS-1000, and each output has 4steps selectable voltage, so it can connect to various audio devices.

  •  High Level output is for audio source devices like a digital media player which need high voltage and high current such as the sMS-1000SQ or low power PCs.
  •  Mid Level output is for most audio devices which need middle voltage and middle current such as the sDP-1000EX.
  •  Low Level output is for small audio devices which need low voltage and low current like the tX-USBexp can even run by USB power.

 The sPS-1000 will present a rich and elegant sound with increased resolution through stable DC power, these features will cover the dry and rough sounds considered a weakness of most digital audio devices, and these presentations will be the best feature of the sPS-1000.

 You will experience the incredible sonic differences when using the sPS-1000 in your audio system, it will bring you a feeling of satisfaction like using a higher level audio device.

Key Features

  • High performance DC linear power supply
  • Ultra Low Noise Regulator Circuit
  • Output short Protection circuit
  • Over-Temperature Protection circuit







User interface
  DC output on/off switch
  Operating indicator
  AC power input on/off switch(Rear panel)
AC power input
  Voltage : 220Vac ~230Vac / 110Vac ~ 115Vac
  Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz
  Current : 2A / 4A
DC power output
  High level output
   Voltage : 18Vdc, 19Vdc, 20Vdc, 21Vdc selectable
   Current : 4A max
  Mid level output
   Voltage : 9Vdc, 10Vdc, 11Vdc, 12Vdc selectable
   Current : 2A max
  Low level output
   Voltage : 5Vdc, 5.5Vdc, 6Vdc, 7Vdc selectable
   Current : 1A max
  Output short
  Over temperature
  360 x 68 x 245(mm)


The 3 outputs are available to use at the same time,

  • Output 1: High Level output. It is for audio source devices like a digital media player which needs high voltage and high current as same as sMS-1000 or low power PCs.
  • Output 2: Mid Level output. It is for most audio devices which need middle voltage and middle current as like sDP-1000.
  • Output 3:  Low Level output. It is for small audio devices which need low voltage and low current like dX-USB HD as even runs by USB power

sPS-1000 is also available to use wifi router, turntable or phonoEQ and etc.

You can set up each output voltage by the switch knob position. please use a small flat-head screwdriver to set up the proper output voltage.

If you inform us  in advance what equipment will be used with sPS-1000, we can kindly advise you whether your equipment can be available to use sPS-1000 before you purchase sPS-1000. we can modify the standard voltage and current for your equipment.

You can choose the wire between copper or silver wires, and the length choice could be made among 30cm, 50cm or 100cm.

Normally the copper wire sounds relatively calm and neat, and the silver wire is relatively open and more delicate. 

  • Standard Copper cable : it brings a clean sound with musical nuance without having any distortion.
  • Stranded 7N UPOCC silver cable :Compared with copper wires, it brings more detailed and dynamic scenes, and brings the distinctive bright and precise sound propensity of silver wires.
  • Stranded 7N UPOCC Copper cable :Compared with the standard copper wire and silver wire, the sound character is middle of their propensities, it bring very detailed musical nuance.

Depending on which dc cable is used, it effects sound in your system hugely, so select the proper dc cable for your system according to your sound taste.

The standard DC power cable which is supplied as a basic accessory is 30cm, copper wire and the jack size at then end is ID2.1-ID2.5.

Yes, you can use 3 outputs at the same time.

Please click the link below to check the measured value of sPS-1000.

sPS-1000 Value

Thank you.