Power cable : pCBL-SS8 & pCBL-SS8-F

 If you are an audiophile, you may know from your own experience how stable power to an audio device hugely affects sound quality.

 About stable power, it means removing noise from power which is expressed by voltage fluctuations or high-frequency noise.

 Such noise is transmitted to the device, which is a factor that degrades sound quality. And how effectively it is possibly removed and transmitted is considered to be a good power cable.

 To this end, SOtM has applied the noise reduction technology that has been accumulated to both pCBBL-SS8 and pCBL-SS8-F power cables which has equipped with a filter block.

– It uses a special coating of silicone material that is resistant to heat and contaminants and reduces mid-range distortion,

-It uses thin and high-purity copper wire of 1600 strands that reduces noise transmission but does not lose musical expressions and resolutions,
-It uses of rapping EMI filter to block high frequency noise,

and such technical backgrounds for the pCBL-SS8 and pCBL-SS8-F are different from other power cables.

 In particular, the highly acclaimed filter block which is equipped to the dCBL-CAT7 is also applied to the pCBL-SS8-F by quantifying for power cables, it has excellent noise reduction effects that cannot perform on other power cables, providing a better sound quality by expressing stable balance and musical nuances. These are the biggest advantages and features of pCBL-SS8-F only.

 In addition, power transmission ability, the most important functional element of the power cable, is an essential function that high-performance power cables must have, and the pCBBL-SS8 and pCBL-SS8-F cables are sufficient to use together with any large products since it is equipped with 8AWG wire with 200A current carrying capacity on each line.

 There are already numerous cables on the market, from basic standard ac power cables that are fully functional only to expensive cables that are called premium audio cables, but the pCBL-SS8/pCBL-SS8-F power cables are perfectly harmonized with the audio elements and the functional element.

 We don’t simply make expensive cables, but we share the opportunity to get closer to the essence of music with the pCBL-SS8/pCBL-SS8-F power cables, they use the special sources to properly express the meaning of what original music have.

 Go beyond the positive changes that the pCBL-SS8/pCBL-SS8-F power cables bring to your audio system, and experience the true sound quality improvement, they would position your audio system as a key element and make your music more vivid, realistic, and more being musical.

Key Feature

  • Ultimate audio performance
  • Noise filter block for superior tonal balance and sound quality