Latest Eunhasu F/W V0.4.14


The Eunhasu Firmware version number. 0.4.14 is going to be released and updated today.


Version : V0.4.14

– Date : 29-01-2018

– Update HQplayer NAA to 3.5.2(with configfile).

– Shairport supports all Ethernet ports and WiFi dongle.

– Add all Ethernet ports’s static IP setting feature.

– Upgrade Ethernet ports automatic reset to DHCP feature.

– Update Russian language.

– Update French language.

– Add two more DACs for supporting native DSD.

– Various small bugs fixed.

– Add the kernel check feature for native DSD upgrade.


If you have anything to be reported after the update, please email us to “”


The update progress will take around 5~15 mins, so please fully wait till the update would be fully completed. But if you think the update might be gone wrongly, please use the link below to re-load the Eunhasu image newly to the micro sd card.


Thank you!



Updated info for the V0.4.14

-Add MPD audio output mixer type option
mixer_type (hardware|software|null|none)

Specifies which mixer should be used for this audio output: the hardware mixer (available for ALSA, OSS and PulseAudio), the software mixer, the “null” mixer (null; allows setting the volume, but with no effect; this can be used as a trick to implement an external mixer) or no mixer (none). By default, the hardware mixer is used for devices which support it, and none for the others.

sMS-200 won 2018 TAS Editors’ Choice Awards !


SOtM sMS-200 won 2018 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards!

The March issue of The Absolute Sound features Editors’ Choice Awards. In this annual feature, writers recommend components that they would buy themselves or recommend to family and friends. This issue is well-read, kept, and referred to throughout the year by consumers and retailers alike.

Editors’ Choice for 2018 includes the SOtM SMS-200.TAS EdChoice 2018 JPG HIREZ_sMS-200 - 복사본sms-200_f

Let’s celebrate! And thank you for all!