When you tune your audio system with a combination of high-end audio products, sometimes you’re surprised that one product that you didn’t actually expect brings better results than what you thought. And such experience can be often achieved by changing cables that can be easily replaced.

 It is a fact that all audiophiles already know that cables affect sound, but when you experience completely changing sound in your entire audio system by replacing just one cable, you will be again surprised to encounter the limitation in your system.

 The dCBL-CAT8M Ethernet cable is expected to provide many people with this experience without difficulty.

 With the dCBL-CAT8M, there is much clearer transparency as if a closed door were being opened. The distinctly different textures of each instrument that were hiding in the music were revealed, even though, no one ever thought that sound quality was not sufficient before in the system without the dCBL-CAT8M. In your entire system, you will also feel the same dramatical improvement by a simple Ethernet cable replacement to the dCBL-CAT8M.

 Furthermore, the range of these improvements will be greater if the performance of audio products in your system are dedicated.

 For example, the result after changing to the dCBL-CAT8M in a system using three sets of sNH-10G’s, a PC equipped a sMB-Q370, sNI-1G, tX-USBhubIN, and sCLK-EX, two sets of tX-USBultra’s and a master clock, sCLK-OCX10, synchronizing all devices with the best Cat.7 Ethernet cable, dCBL-CAT7u, is very much evident. If by any chance you don’t feel the change, or if it doesn’t make a huge difference, we can dare say that there should be other elements in your audio system that require tuning.

 In the system above, the dCBL-CAT8M articulates the sound improvement clearly by adding a single sNH-10G one by one, especially for the mid-low range details, which is a huge advantage of the master clock, sCLK-OCX10, allowing the best sound ever that you can’t experience in any other system.

 When listening to music on a system finally tuned with the dCBL-CAT8M like this, it is very easy to feel what is being recorded in the source of music being played.

 As the product name, dCBL-CAT8M,

– it supports a signal bandwidth of 2000MHz, which is the Cat.8 specification.
– The cable’s structure itself supports Cat8.2, which means that the cable’s internal structure and shield performance are the most optimized for Ethernet signal transmission among existing Ethernet cables.
– The connectors support Cat8.1 which maximizes the cable performance.
– And M is an abbreviation of Master. For a special sound worthy of the word, Master, the two filter blocks at each end of the cable protect the purity of sound from being deteriorated.

 The dCBL-CAT8M will easily open up the opportunity to listen to the real music that is intended to be expressed in the source of music, rather than simply playing melodies, by directly experiencing the limitations of the existing network system. Experience for yourself what is real and what is an illusion in the source of music with the dCBL-CAT8M.

Key Feature

  • High-end audio grade SFTP CAT8.1 cable
  • Support 10/100/1000Base-T, 10GBase-T, 25GBase-T, 40GBase-T
  • High quality zinc diecast nickel plated housing connector
  • Double noise filter blocks for superior tonal balance and sound quality



Electronic specification
  Impedance : 100Ω (±10%)
  Support 10/100/1000Base-T, 10GBase-T, 25GBase-T, 40GBase-T
  Support Category 8.1 – Signal bandwidth up to 2000MHz
Mechanical specification
  Cable outer diameter : 10mm (±1mm)
  Number of the filter block : 2 pcs
  Noise filter block dimension(mm) : 120 x 25 x 25 (±0.5mm)
  Gold plated contacts
  Nickel plated zinc diecast connector body
  Copper braid as overall screening, pair screening with aluminum compound foil
Optional specification
  Lengths from 1.5M up to 20M
  iSO-CAT7 Special Edition : Selectable sound character
    – Black : High resolution and dynamic
    – Grey : Middle of sound character between Black and Dark grey cables
    – Dark grey : Mild and comfortable

Operating environment
  Operating & Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40℃