sMS-1000 is a high-end media server and player.

     By PC or applications on smart devices, you can easily play music files saved inside of HDD and listen all over the world internet radio.

     It automatically rips the media contents once you insert CD or DVD into the Slot-in DVD, and then searches and saves the tag information and album arts through internet.

     Also through network connection, it shares music, video and images files saved in HDD by DLNA and NFS feature, and also manages HDD by SMB sharing with PC.

     It has 3 types of model ready as audio grade USB port output(sMS-1000U), Analog output(sMS-1000A) and Digital output(sMS-1000D), you could simply connect your own DAC or Pre-Amp to design your audio system to be simple and worthy.

     sMS-1000 should not only be emphasized as hi-end audio performance but as a way of convenience of usage, it has no doubt as an ultimate source device. 

    Key Feature

    • Easy Web GUI
    • Logitech Media Server & MPD
    • Automatic ripping of CDand DVD
    • Automatically download cover art
    • SMB(Microsoft) file shares
    • DLNA server
    • NFS server








      Vortexbox 2.0 (Based on Linux) or Windows 7
      2Tbyte 3.5inch SATA interface HDD or SSD
      Slot-In DVD-RW USB specification 2.0 high speed
    USB output model
      USB audio class 2.0 support
    Digital output model
      AES/EBU:Output impedance 110Ω
      Coaxial:Output impedance 75Ω
      Optical:Output power range -21dBm ~ -15dBm
    Analog output model
      32bit/192KHz DAC chip
      Balanced output voltage : 1.9Vrms
      Unbalanced output voltage : 0.95 Vrms
      THD+N : 0.002% > @ 1KHz
      Output band width : -3dB@100KHz
    Power requirement
      Input Voltage : +19Vdc
      Power : Max 50W
      4Kg >


    How to use MPD in sMS-1000?

    Please click the below link to see how to use MPD function properly.

    how to enable sMS-1000 Audio device?

    Please click the below information.

    how to play music files from NAS?

    Please click the below information.

    NFS mount

    how can I transfer the files to sMS-1000?

     You can simply share the data with Windows PC or other devices which have Samba client function by using sMS-1000 Samba server function

     Please open Explorer on Windows PC and select Network, you will find ‘VORTEXBOX’ which is the Samba server on sMS-1000. 

     Please double click the ‘VORTEXBOX’ and browse the sMS-1000’s data.

     Be noted :  the Samba server should have the same workgroup name with the PC which you want to share, you can change the workgroup name on Network configuration page of Web GUI.

     Once Samba server is connected, you will find there are 4 share folders.

    • files : it is the share folder which available with read and write. To manage or transfer the data on sMS-1000, use this folder. Please open this folder and there are music, movies and pictures folder.
    • music : it is the music share folder which available with read only.
    • movies : it is the movie share folder for DLNA server, it is available with read only.
    • pictures : it is the picture share folder for DLNA server, it is available with read only..

     Please click ‘files’ folder and browse the data, all files in this folder is available with read and write, so you can modify, copy, move or delete the data.

     Be noted,

    • There is a folder ‘/storage/music/flac’ in DNNA, DAAP setting in Vortexbox web GUI, this folder is the same one with ‘VORTEXBOX/files/music/flac’ in Samba server.
    • if you use the music, movies, pictures folders placed right below of Vortexbox folder,  you can prevent to delete or modify the wrong data.

    can I control sMS-1000 by Android?

    Yes, you can control sMS-1000 by  SqueezeBox or MPdroid application.

    is sMS-1000 necessary to connect with the internet?

    No, the internet connection is not necessary, but if sMS-1000 is connected to internet, there are some advantages.

    is sMS-10000 capable to playback DSD?

    Yes, you can use MPD function to playback DSD file.


    How to upgrade the latest Vortexbox version?

    You can find the ‘Upgrade Status’ icon on the bottom of sMS-1000’s Web GUI  page.

    Please click the icon and you will check the current Vortexbox version. if the upgade is needed, please click ‘Start Upgrade’ and the upgrade will be started.

    If you have a problem while you proceed the upgrade, please contact us directly, we will remote your system and will support you to succeed the upgrade.

    is it available to use with external strorage devices?

    Please click the below link to check how to use an external storage device properly.

    How to set up Qobuz plugin to work with sMS-1000?

    Please click the below link to get the proper information.