Plan for RMAF 2016


 SOtM is exhibiting at RMAF for the first time and very looking forward to having a chance to demo the numerous award winning music server & player, sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition controlled by Roon, the combined DAC/PRE, sDP-1000EX, the ultimate stereo power amp, sPA-1000, and the ultra low noise linear power supply, sPS-1000, as a main demo system with Boenicke speaker.


  Also the hottest mini network player, sMS-200, will be demoed and displayed during the show time with the must have items of all network audio system, dCBL-CAT7 and iSO-CAT6 Special Edition and other products together.

 Don’t miss out the chance to see the new development and also you are able to purchase those demo products at the show site with the special discount, before we arrive in Denver, please alert me if you have special requirement.

 And most importantly, SOtM will unveil the numerous new audio products for the first time in the world through 2016 RMAF. SOtM has the most special and unique original technology such as Ultra low noise regulator, Ultra low jitter clock, active noise canceler, multi stage regulation and other leading edge original technology, these have been proved by world-wide hit products, tX-USB series USB audio cards and also applied to all our products.

 From the moment when SOtM product were revealed in this industry, no one can’t easily copy or produce what we make and this is the reason SOtM is special and different from others.


  1. sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu: SOtM will launch the new Linux OS based network player & server, sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu for the world first! The numerous award winning network server and player, sMS-1000SQ is newly set into the Linux system, it supports Roon, Squeezelite, MPD/DLNA, HQplayer and Shariports. The name of linux OS is Eunhasu designed by SOtM, and it will make music comes forward into your room in reality and sound becomes more 3 dimensional.
  2. sMS-1000SQ Wins 10 : SOtM will announce the new Windows OS based server and player, sMS-1000SQ Win.10. As it names, Windows 10 Pro is loaded, and AudiophileOptimizer and Roon are used to control the product. Other players such as Foobar, Jriver and other variety software can be added and used as costumer’s request. The sMS-1000SQ Wins 10 would be much friendly and cost effective product!
  3. tX-USBUltra : SOtM already revealed the new concept design to the sMS-200 and the tX-USBUltra is the next following product which is in the same design concept. It is USB audio signal regenerator for Ultra High-End USB audio system reduring jitter generated from USB audio host device by the USB audio signal clock, sCLK-EX12, and reproducing good quality power of USB output port by Ultra Low Noise Regulator. It will bring the amazing sound upgrade with some analog elements such as natural, detailed and dynamic sounds covering on the wide performance stage besides the digital sound elements.
  4. sPS-500 : sPS-500 is also in the same designed concept as sMS-200 and tX-USBUltra, it is the ultra-low noise hybrid power supply which will be the most cost effective product, it simply upgrade sound in your system by powering to your audio device.
  5. sCLK-EX : In digital audio system, the clock is the most important element and the sCLK-EX10 is the one which can be used for all digital audio system. This is the upgrade version of our current sCLK series clock board, simply experience the differences!
    More details and plan will be shared soon.

Thank you very much!

If you would like to purchase some products at the show site directly, please email me in advance so that I wouldn’t miss the chance to hand them over.

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