sNI-1G is now available !

For immediate release : 20st, Apr,2021

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The audio grade network card, sN1-1G, is finally available.

There are already a number of network audio devices on the market,

but it would be fair to say that none of them have Ethernet ports designed for audio purposes.

  When USB audio devices were first available on the market, more than 10 years ago, there were many questions about the practicality of audio purpose USB cables or products like the USB host card. It’s probably because people thought that the digital interface only transmits data represented by 0s and 1s. However, these audio purpose USB products are now the basis of digital audio systems, and the audio purpose network card, sNI-1G, will also play an indispensable and important role in the digital audio network.

  Although noise from the AC power line is more commonly known, there is also noise coming from the Ethernet port which is different from that of the AC power, so careful technical review is required for the Ethernet port. This carefully reviewed network port, sNI-1G, provides a complete transmission of network audio streaming, as well as a very clear improvement in medium-to-low transparency, the instrument’s texture, and wide-to-deep stage expression, enabling you to experience a completely new level of sound.
  The sound quality improvement achieved using the sNI-1G network card cannot be compared to a trick that is simply achieved by replacing interface cables or by one or two parts. This is because it is designed by combining deep computer system knowledge and circuit technology with digital and analog audio, which is why sNI-1G is essential for all network audio systems.

  The standard sNI-1G : USD350
  The sNI-1G with the sCLK-EX installation : USD950
  The sNI-1G with the sCLK-EX and the master clock input installation: USD1100

  The price mentioned above is Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, not including VAT, importing Taxes, shipping nor others.


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New Kernel Update(4.18.19-224)

Our updated kernel is now available in our server.

We added the Marantz SA10S1 (0x154e, 0x3008) to our supported NativeDSD DAC list.

If your DAC is not in this link,, please check the details in the link first ,and email us for more information.

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SOtM pCBL-SS8-F got awarded!

Super AV Magazine Hong Kong awarded SOtM pCBL-SS8-F Outstanding Overall Performance Awards-2020 in the Power Cable category.


Discontinued products



 The following 3 products are going to be discontinued in the first half of 2021.

  • sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu
  • sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition
  • tX-USBhubIN

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