CES 2014 Report

– source device : SOtM sMS-1000

– DAC & Pre : SOtM sDP-1000

– Power for sMS-1000 & sDP-1000: SOtM sPS-1000

– Power Amp : Hegel H4SE

– Speaker : Martin Logan Summit X

– USB cable : SOtM dCBL-U2-S(no power signal line)

– Romm tuning accessories : made by TAKT 

– cables : made by SOtM







SOtM at the other room, ESS labs.

 H480xESS Room 

the new media server, sMS-2000 was pronounced for the first time at CES2014


SOtM’s first Heaphone Amp/DAC


 Very Promising Media Processor board, dMPB-A20


 More show pictures and reports keep updating 🙂 

Thank you!