SOtM will exhibit at Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show 2018

SOtM team will visit Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show 2018.


The show will be held from 10th to 12th, Aug and SOtM will be demoed and displayed by FIM HIFI. 

The sMS-1000SQ and sPS-1000 will be demoed at Rm 423 and all SOtM products will be static displaying at H06  in the level 3  of the mainhall.

Specially the network switch, sNH-10G and the power strip, mT-1000 will be shown to HK market for the first time.


Hopefully see you there everyone~!

Thank you!






Press release : sMS-200Neo and sMS-200ultra Neo

SOtM proudly announces sMS-200 Neo and sMS-200ultra Neo.

For immediate release

For purchasing and further information, please contact:
May Park,


 SOtM is going to release the sMS-200 Neo and sMS-200ultra Neo. They are a newer version of the original sMS-200 and sMS-200ultra, and sound colors and sound characteristic are different from the original version. The Neo has deeper mid-range and better bass expressions compared to the original version. And the original version has little more dynamics and presents bright sound compared to Neo version. With such changes, the overall balance of Neo becomes richer and brings musical inspiration.


 Pricing and Availability

 The price is the same as the standard version.
 If you would like to change your current standard version to Neo version, the following price would be required

– Keep the front panel to the same as original : USD30
– Change the front panel to the Neo printing :  USD80 additionally


 The component inside of original version have been changed and selected the new component for Neo, so Neo version is going to be available from the first week of August. Pre order is available from now on.

 Thank you.

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