No matter how far out the Network Audio technology has been developed, the pleasant music listening would be incomplete under the condition highly stable networking is secured. As well, no matter how the fast network transmission is made under stable condition, unless otherwise the sound quality and performance of network cable is outstanding, the system shall not be able to provide the genuine beauty of music itself.

 With a network audio system, the performance of network cable does determine the quality of overall sound and delicate musical nuance just like the certain audio system depends on the quality of interconnector or power cables. Particularly, the performance of excellent network cable will have definite influence to the delicacy of musical expression enhancing nuance of music with the well designed and organized network audio system.

 The dCBL-CAT7 cable newly launched providing stable ultra-high speed transmission is a specially designed high end audio network cable with excellent sound characteristics.
 The Filter Block newly added eliminating the wide band digital noise inflowing from the router or NAS interfering with audio signals is designed to remarkably improve the tonal balance, the one of most important elements in conveying the musical sentiment, and superbly express the dynamic sound characteristics as well as the highly sophisticated and delicate music player’s own nuance.

 The iSO-CAT6 Special Edition that newly combined with dCBL-CAT7 cable is configured with 3 kinds of network cables offering respectively different sound characteristics with high quality, which allows the user organize own unique customized audio system selecting bright & splendid tone, moderate, mild & comfortable tone.
Should you desire to definitely improve the sound quality or experience fresh sound change of your network audio systems or acquire the genuinely advanced sound from ultra-high end audio systems, the dCBL-CAT7 cable will provide certainly clear improvement more than what you may have expected.

 The combination of system together with iSO-CAT6 Special Edition will surely fill your space up with sweet music like the aroma from full blooming flower. The dCBL-CAT7 and iSO-CAT6 Special Edition, here comes the distinctively perfect solution for genuine upgrading of network audio systems for you!

Key Feature

  • High-end audio grade SFTP cable
  • High quality zinc die casting housing connector
  • Noise filter block for superior tonal balance and sound quality


Electronic specification
  Impedance : 100Ω (±15%)
  Support 10/100/1000Base-T, 10GBase-T
Mechanical specification
  Cable outer diameter : 10mm (±1mm)
  Noise filter block dimension(mm) : 120 x 25 x 25 (±0.5mm)
  Gold plated contacts
  Nikel plated zinc diecast connector body
  Aluminium-lined plastic foil & copper braid shield
Optional specification
  Lengths from 1.5M up to 20M
  iSO-CAT6 Special Edition : Selectable sound character
    – Black : High resolution and dynamic
    – Grey : Middle of sound character between Black and Dark grey cables
    – Dark grey : Mild and comfortable

Operating environment
  Operating & Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40℃


No, when using dCBL-CAT7 in your network audio system, iSO-CAT6 or iSO-CAT6 Special Edition is not essentially required, but it will be helpful to improve and enhance sound quality in your audio system for sure, so we highly recommend using them together.

No, the filter block on dCBL-CAT7 and the iSO-CAT6 filter block are not the same.

The iSO-CAT6 filter block is isolating the signal between the devices, it blocks incoming noise. And the filter block on dCBL-CAT7 is reducing noise through the filters equipped on the cable(wire) as it names. Both products reduce noise dramatically and improve sound, and the effect is bigger when they are used together.