SOtM sMS-100 got awarded AudioExcellentAward2015 in Japan as a network audio product..


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sMS-1000 & sMS-100 support “Qobuz”

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The great news that SOtM network server sMS-1000& sMS-100 support Qobuz.

Qobuz is the first music service that provides online access to all labels (majors and independents) and all artists in all genres of music in High Fidelity, it’s the sole and only on-line music streaming service to offer the real CD quality, FLAC16/44.1 actually. This is the reason it gets a non-stop increasing popularity in the audiophile community world-widely beyond France borders.

 sMS-1000 & sMs-100 also support Qobuz with such unique offering in the world, you need to simply install the Plugin as needed. You can click&playback the music file which you purchased or recommended by category, and also search the music file by albums, artists or titles.
The following instruction is about how to set up Qobuz Plugin to use with sMS-100 & sMS-1000 at LMS.

Please connect LMS(Logitech Media Server) and click ‘settings’ button at the right bottom side .
Please select ‘Plugins’ tap and check ‘Show all 3rd party plugins’ and then click ‘apply’ button. Go to ‘Other 3rd party plugins and check ‘Qobuz’ and then clock ‘apply’ button again.
Once you get the new window, click ‘Restart Now’ and then ‘Okay’ to install the plugin normally. Few seconds later, you can find out ‘Qobuz’ is installed at ‘Active plugins’.
To register the ID/PW of Qobuz at LMS, please go to ‘Advanced’ tap and check Qobuz at the drop down menu. Please enter your Qobuz ID/PW and choose the proper service. For example, if you choose QOBUZ PREMIUM, you should check MP3 320Kbps, if you choose QOBUZ Hi-Fi, you should check FLAC 16bits/44.1KHz..


5. Once you finish the above setting, please click ‘Apply’ button to save the contents and then close the setting windows..

6. Please open the LMS through a web browser or iPeng App again and select the proper player as sMS-1000(Vortexbox) or sMs-100(SOtM-Squeeze) at the right upper side. You can select Qobuz at My Apps in the left side of windows.

7. Also if you have a iPAD, you can experience very convenient way to listen to music by Airplay function on sMS-100 with Qobuz app on iPAD.





2014 T.H.E show_NEW PORT BEACH

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 T.H.E show Newport beach which is a main home entertainment show in USA will be held in 30th, May till 1th, June.


Our products will be exhibited at the room no.  708, 7th floor, Hilton hotel,  ESS labs

you will meet sMS-1000/sDP-1000/sPS-1000 as 1 series.

New Port beach


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2014 Seoul Audio Show

2014 High End Munich show

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 As for 2014 High End Munich show, we didn’t attend the show directly, but our Germany distributor named Digital Highend exhibited SOtM’s products at the Room no. Atrium 4 2.OG F211 

  Please take a look at the show site, .

Munich show_SOtM

 The main unit at the show site was SOtM’s first headphone amp&DAC called sHP-100.


 The series of mini devices were well placed on the SOtM’s special rack made by Takt. There were 2 systems setting on the table, one system was set to sHP-100 with sMS-100 and mBPS-d2s, in this system, sMS-100 got powered by mBPS-d2s and sHP-100 got powered by sMS-100 in sequence.

 Another system was set with PC which installed tX-USBexp/SATA filter III and Audiophile Optimizer. The connections made by SOtM’s new USB cable named dCBL-U2 & LAN cable named dCBL-CAT6. These good looking setting made sounds fluent and beutifully through the Audeze headphone.

Munich show_4

 sHP-100 including SOtM’s mini series of product got great reputation after all since the design is simple, clean and handsome with great performance, they are tidy in SOtM’s special rack, and no once can doubt about it.

Munich show_3  Munich show_1


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