About the remote service cost



The remote service is available by Teamviewer 13 program.

The cost for the service is

  • 30 min : USD30
  • 1 hour: USD50
  • Max 2 hours: USD80 (the remote session will be open during max.2 hours.)

And this service is only open for SOtM’s existing customers who are having a difficulty to setup the systems.

If you would like to open the remote session, please email to sotm.marketing@gmail.com for setting the proper schedule with us in advance, and then, download and install Teamviewer version 13 by clicking the link above in your PC.

Once the schedule is set, we will send you the Paypal link to pay the service cost first, and the Teamviewer session will be open.

Thank you.

Discontinued products



 The following 2 products are going to be discontinued in the first half of 2019.

  • sCLK clock module(including sCLK-12.0, sCLK-48.0 and sCLK-2224)
  • dX-USB HD

 Thank you.

About Qobuz 192Khz playback issue in Roon server


 We are sorry to inform you that when using Roon Server feature on sMS-1000SQ, we found an issue when playing 192KHz and 176.4KHz Qobuz streaming, and also there are random dropouts when playing 96Khz and 88.2 Khz Qobuz steaming. Only 48Khz and 44.1Khz Qobuz streaming in Roon server of sMS-1000SQ are flawless.

 We’ve tried to fix the issue, but this is out of our ability to be handled without cooperations with other partners, so we had to leave this issue unsolved.

 We apology for the situation, but if there is any chance that we are able to fix it, we will keep you updated the news.

 Thank you.






About Link speed on Eunhasu web gui



 There is a “Link Speed” selection button on System config page of Eunhasu web gui.

 This button is about to improve sound quality at 100Mbps Ethernet speed, but the 100Mbps selection is only working with Roon, LMS and MPD feature at this moment.

 We are trying to make the other features also possibly work in 100Mbps, but currently they are not supportive.


 If there is any update on this subject, we will keep you updated.

 Thank you!

SOtM will reveal the new product at HighEnd 2019

Press release from SOtM, 30th, April, 2019


SOtM exhibits at HIGHEND 2019


                                         For purchasing and further information, please contact:

May Park,




Reveal the SOtM’s first LAN card & Demo the dual serial-connected sNH-10G !


The sNI-1G is the SOtM’s first audio grade Ethernet port card, it would be shown for the first time officially at the show site, please check the simple spec of the sNHI-1G.


– Support M.2 interface(it can be connected with mPCIe and PICe slot)

– Support 10BaseT,100BaseT,1000BaseT

– Support Wake on LAN

– Internal SATA power and external power input

– Ultra low noise regulator

– Ultra low jitter clock

– The audio grade clock module, sCLK-EX, ready


Since after released the sNH-10G at HighEnd2018, the sNH-10G have become to the necessity for all network audio system. In HighEnd2019, we will demo how dual serial-connected sNH-10G perform with SOtM equipment and Danish Audio Design Speaker at Hall2, G05.


In this year, SOtM at HighEnd2019 would have more time to talk and discuss about the future products and about the digital audio world, please visit us for further fun and joy.


SOtM’s all products including the forthcoming products certainly tell what the real value of audio products should be.


SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.



How the demo system would be arranged with SOtM & Danish Audio Design at HighEnd2019


Please come and enjoy SOtM’s full system at Hall 2, G05 with Danish Audio Design !