Almost all the audiophiles would have experienced of tuning the audio system with variety of cables or accessories in order to enhance sound quality. Particularly, those people who have number of sound tuning experiences should be well aware of facts that the sound effect attributable to tuning accessories or the cable’s type are all distinctively unique and different.  

 Above all, the sounds from those devices such as PC or network file players are more sensitively affected by the accessories like cables directly connected to system devices. Those esteemed audiophiles using the PC based on SOtM’s tX-USBexp or SATA & FAN filter should have experienced outstanding sound performance with quite unique and different SOtM way beyond and above the conventional types of sound improvement using cables or tuning accessories.

Such state-of-art method allows obtaining perfect sound improvement, no sound tuning, approaching to the sound enhancing solution in a way eliminating the elements impeding good sound focusing on electric-electronic technology point, which can be experienced with most of SOtM accessory products. Unlike the sound tuning process of simple replacing aged components such as electrolytic capacitors, the sound changes made by using SOtM’s unique tuning does not allow any comparison by any standards with other conventional sound improvement procedures.

While LAN port is the one of elements many users consider as highly important, the fact with which the noise interference created by LAN port has enormous effect to system sound in reality is quite often overlooked. Perhaps, even while reading this information, there may be certain question as to how the LAN port would have any interference on sound, people would soon feel the difference in sound improvement by using the iSO-CAT6 understanding what the core elements are in configuring a high-end audio sound system using LAN port.

SOtM iSO-CAT6 may offer certain varying sound improvement in each different aspect depending on the audio sound system of respective users. Yet, the better configured premium class hi-end audio systems could be able to feel the difference of sound improvement quite clearer with the iSO-CAT6, as the product is capable of musically expressing sound details across all the sound ranges. With iSO-CAT6, those music lovers highly sensitive to variation of sound quality may be swept over by fierce desire of listening music repertoires all over again she or he has ever heard so far to date.      

We dare can say that the iSO-CAT6 is a MUST-HAVE item for all the audio system using LAN port with regardless of price and value of each audio system. As well, a better sound improvement will be drawn if you use the iSO-CAT6 together with dCBL-CAT6 or dCBL-CAT7, a LAN cable made by SOtM’s special technology. 

All the audiophiles are very much likely occupied of intrinsic desire of listening perfect and heavenly music sound beyond and above the ordinary music listening practice sound going over the limitation created by their audio systems. As a first step in challenging such desire, while the tX-USBexp or SATA filter of SOtM has been favorably received with good reputation of going beyond the conventional PC hardware limit, now, the SOtM iSO-CAT6 is deserved to receive an expression as a new technology exceeding the value of the tX-USBexp or SATA filter.

With SOtM iSO-CAT6, feel and enjoy the genuine music sound going beyond the limit of PC audio or network audio systems.

Key Feature

  • LAN signal filter
  • LAN signal isolator


Audio Video Revolution





Isolator specification
  CAT6 support
  Fully shielded modular jack
  High quality isolation transformer
  Isolation 1500Vrms, 0.5mA, 60sec
  High-end audio grade sound tuning
  No need external power supply
iSO-CAT6 Special Edition Supplied LAN cables
  Black cable: It brings the most high resolution and dynamic sound among the 3 LAN cables.
  Grey cable: It brings sound character in the middle of black and dark grey cables.
  Dark grey cable: It brings mild and comfortable sound.


Please be noted all devices should be turned off before you make a connection with the product.