New Kernel Update

The repos for the new kernel build (4.18.19-220) is now uploaded in the server.
We added the following DACs:

QUAD XU1 Audio: 2622:0001
MISSION XU1 Audio: 2622:0010
LUXMAN XU1 Audio: 2622:0020
WHARFEDALE XU1 Audio:2622:0030
AUDIOLAB XU1 Audio: 2622:0040
EKCO XU1 Audio: 2622:0050
IAG XU1 Audio: 2622:0060
QUAD Audio:2622:0002
MISSION Audio: 2622:0011
LUXMAN Audio: 2622:0021
WHARFEDALE Audio: 2622:0031
AUDIOLAB Audio: 2622:0041
EKCO Audio: 2622:0051
IAG Audio: 2622:0061

If your dac is not in this link,, please check the details in the link first ,and email me for more information.

Thank you.

The new version of LMS is uploaded.

Happy new year!

The new version of LMS is updated,

LMS version: 8.2.0
Fixed Tidal problem
Upstream fixes from Logitech Media Server 8.1.x

Remove Sqeezelite & LMS feature on Eunhasu page and reinstall it to apply the update.

-Go to Squeezelite&LMS config page.

-Click “Remove” button and wait till the process would be completed.

-God to Squeezelite&LMS config page again to install the feature again.

-Check the LMS version has been updated properly


Thank you.