New Kernel Update

The repos for the new kernel build (4.18.19-220) is now uploaded in the server.
We added the following DACs:

QUAD XU1 Audio: 2622:0001
MISSION XU1 Audio: 2622:0010
LUXMAN XU1 Audio: 2622:0020
WHARFEDALE XU1 Audio:2622:0030
AUDIOLAB XU1 Audio: 2622:0040
EKCO XU1 Audio: 2622:0050
IAG XU1 Audio: 2622:0060
QUAD Audio:2622:0002
MISSION Audio: 2622:0011
LUXMAN Audio: 2622:0021
WHARFEDALE Audio: 2622:0031
AUDIOLAB Audio: 2622:0041
EKCO Audio: 2622:0051
IAG Audio: 2622:0061

If your dac is not in this link,, please check the details in the link first ,and email me for more information.

Thank you.

Press release : sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu

SOtM announces “sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu” is now available.

For immediate release                                                              For purchasing and further information, please contact:

May Park,


 Eunhasu music player platform is now loaded on sMS-1000SQ

 SOtM has been released sMS-1000SQ series products, satisfying all the demand of sound quality, functionalities and technical requirements which are worthy of its own value of money.

sms-1000sq-fKey features
In this time, SOtM introduces the sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu, which is capable of following features by Eunhasu music player platform.  

– Easy system configuration
– Selectable music player applications
– Selectable and configurable USB audio devices
– Network share folder and USB storage device setting
– Roon Ready
– Roon Server
– MinimServer
– DLNA audio renderer, OpenHome support
– MPD(Music Player Daemon)
– LMS(Logitech Media Server)
– Squeezelite
– HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter
– Shairport
– Multi-zone network playback

sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu is a state-of-art music server and player equipped with the best technology capable of convenient use and budget. The sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu can offer the extremely satisfying sound quality no matter what sort of systems are to be configured.

Pricing and Availability
The price of sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu starts from US$3000 and is available with various features and options allowing the customers freely choose what they want per own favorite sound taste and system. Yet, the sMS-1000Q is providing high quality of sound with the basic default features, also can easily enhance sound quality by simple trick such as using a separate external power supply to the USB audio port.

– Color : Silver or Black
– Output : USB output, Digital output, Analog output

sMS-1000SQ USB output

The USB output comes with the tX-USBexp USB audio port.

sMS-1000SQ Digital output

The Digital output comes with the tX-USBexp USB audio port, AES/EBU, Optical and Coaxial output.

sMS-1000SQ Analog output

The Analog output comes with the tX-USBexp USB audio port, balanced and unbalanced output.

– Storage Capacity : 64G SSD for standard feature, Max.4TB HDD or max.2TB SSD for extra storage.
– Clock : sCLK-48.0 for USB output or sCLK-2224 for Digital or Analog output.

Thank you.