SOtM will exhibit at HIGHEND 2018

HIGHEND 2018 announcement from SOtM

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May Park,

SOtM’s first network switch and the master clock are ready!


 The sNH-10G is a SOtM’s first network switch for every network audio system. It has 8 LAN port and 2 SFP port, the sCLK-EX and the 10MHz master clock connector can be added optionally.
The sCLK-OCX10 is a SOtM’s first master clock generator for every digital audio system. It is 10.000MHz sine wave clock output by 4 BNC isolated clock outputs.

 Please come and enjoy SOtM’s new products at Hall 2, G05.
sNH-10G_FHE18_Visitus2_Small size Front

 Due to the limitation of space, we will not have a demonstration at our booth, H2 G05. But some of SOtM products will be demoed at H4 U06 and V07. The network audio server and player, sMS-1000SQ, the USB signal regenerator, tX-USBultra, and the master clock, sCLK-OCX10, with the BNC master clock signal cable, dCBL-BNC50, will be set up and demoed in the roon, and all SOtM products will be powered by sPS-500.

 In this year, SOtM at HighEnd2018 would have more time to talk and discuss about the products, please visit us for further fun and joy. SOtM’s all products including the forthcoming products certainly tell what the real value of audio products should be.


SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.