tX-USBhubIN with sCLK-12.0 review by HDFever

One of the sCLK clock combo series has been tested by HDFEVER.FR.
Please check the test result and see how much sound got improved.

hd-fever_sclk-12-0 recommended-components-fall-2016-edition

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Simply experience the differences.

sMS-200 got the great review by Hans Beekhuyzen who is based on Netherlands and has many audiophile fans all over the world, please check the full review in Youtube.

Winner of Realsization by 6moons.com

Celebrate on the award for sMS-200!
” this award which is unapologetically concerned with extreme value.”


Please check the full review at http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/sotm3/1.html

Stereophile Recommended Components:Fall 2016 Edition


SOtM’s numerous products has been awarded by Stereophile Recommended Components:Fall 2016 Edition.

SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition and sPS-1000

SOtM tX-USBhubIN and sCLK-12.0 


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