Eunhasu firmware history

Version: V0.5.51
– Date: 11-24-2023
– Added ‘CPU frequency’ selector.
– Added ‘Set Max volume’ button.
– Updated eunhasu, smb avahi services.
-Disabled unused avahi service(nfs).
– Changed a few GUI texts.
– Fixed up ‘Start with Logitech Media Server’ bug.
Version : V0.5.41
– Date : 08-07-2023
– Upgraded the LMS configuration to correct native DSD settings
– Fixed the audio device configuration bugs if only one audio device is connected
– Ready to update kernel 6.1.33
– Ready to update the new wifi driver for supporting the chips below
RTL88x2bu, RTL8821au, RTL8821cu, RTL8812au, and RTL8814au devices
– Fixed up the beta server upgrade bugs
– Added the automatic timezone update feature
– Added the standby feature for sMS-1000 device
– Fixed the time display bug on the system configuration page
Version : V0.5.31
Date : 12-12-2022
– Applied the CPU latency tunning for upgrading performance and sound quality
– Added the nqptp service to support airplay2
– Added the NTP client service
– Changed the LMS internal buffer to output buffer and added the stream buffer settings
– Fixed up the beta package installation bugs
– Fixed up wrong texts in the GUI page
Version : V0.5.2
– Date : 11-01-2021
– Upgraded to the higher version Linux system
– Upgraded to the custom kernel version 5.10.20-210
– MPD upgrade to 0.22.6
– Squeezelite upgrade to
– Shairport upgrade to 3.3.6
– Librespot upgrade to 1.1.6
– BubbleUPnP server upgrade to 0.9update38
– Installed the new dependencies for new Roon core update
– Added the playback audio device detect feature in ROON Ready daemon script
– Fixed playback audio device id checking bugs
– Enabled 802.3x flow control
Version : V0.5.1
– Date : 12-08-2020
– Changed to server of CD ripper tag information server address for sMS-1000SQ
– Fixed USB disk auto mount feature bugs
– Fixed wrong free disk space report bug of samba shareVersion : V0.5.0
– Date : 11-02-2020
– Fixed and enabled MinimServer 2.0 installation
– Added debug logging on/off feature to make faster operation speed
– Added display Kernel version information on System upgrade page
– Upgraded install/uninstall feature
Version : V0.4.91
 – Date : 04-28-2020
– Upgraded Roonready to the version 1.1.38
– Upgraded GNU C library with needed few tools for OS system to the version 2.28-9
– Fixed Upgrade GNU C library bugs for x86_64 architecture in Eunhasu V0.4.9
– Fixed display methods of Eunhasu version information in System config page
– Upgraded below apps by uninstalling and installing in Eunhasu
-> Logitech Media Server to the version 7.9.3
-> MPD to the version 0.21.21
-> Upmpdcli(DLNA renderer) to the version 1.4.7
-> HQplayer NAA to the version 4.1.1
-> Shairport to the version 3.3.5
-> LibreSpot to the version 1.1.0
-> BubbleUPnP Server to the version 0.9.update3737
Version : V0.4.81
– Date : 04-02-2020
– Upgraded the USB disk auto mount feature
– Changed the USB disk mount point under the following path, ‘\\<ip address>\mwdata\music\USB\’
– The name of USB disk mount folder is indicating as a combination of model name, file system name and UUID
– Automatically remove the USB disk mounted folder when it is disconnected
– Upgraded udev rules for reporting ‘ata’ connected USB disk
– Added ‘Sync disks’ button to write cached data into disk in Library config page
– Removed Sync mode mount feature for USB disk in Library config page
– Fixed up Tidal, Qobuz ID/PW setting error
– Upgraded the display player version information method
Version : V0.4.7
– Date : 03-11-2019
– Add ripped files path setting feature
– Changed MPD Audio buffer size value up to 100MB
– Changed MPD Period time value up to 500ms
– Changed some of Eunhasu user interface
– Upgraded MPD to the version no. 0.21.15
– Upgraded Upmpdcli(DLNA renderer) to the version no. 1.4.5
– Upgraded HQplayer NAA(networkaudiod) to the version no. 3.6.0
Version : V0.4.6
– Date : 17-06-2019
– Added Ethernet auto negotiation selection feature
– Added a new feature that prevent installing and uninstalling the apps if Eunhasu server is not ready
– Upgraded ROON Ready to the version no. 1.1.36
– Upgraded Squeezelite to the version no.
– Upgraded Logitech Media Server to the version no. 7.9.2-git1559745322
– Improved the upgrade system
– Enabled read and write feature on external USB disks via network share folder
Version : V0.4.59
– Date : 27-3-2019
– Fixed up system upgrade time out error
– Fixed up kernel check time out error
– Fixed link speed setting bug
– Improved special cCharacterr USB ID recognize bugVersion : V0.4.57
– Date : 18-3-2019
– Added the ethernet speed selection feature : 100BASE-T, 1000BASE-T
– Disabled some unused back ground processes
– Speeded up some back ground processes
– Enabled the skip broken repo server for install or upgrade error
– Fixed some USB devices which can not be recognized by kernel updates
– Fixed the Reboot button in the system config and upgrade page
– Fixed the Reboot button bug.
– Added the Automatic ethernet MAC address update to the config file
– Increased the Roon Ready buffer duration to 2.0 sec
– Upgraded the HQplayerNAA to 3.5.6 by reinstalling
– Upgraded the Librespot to 1.0.5 by reinstallingVersion : V0.4.56
– Date : 29-1-2019
– Speeded up Eunhasu user interface little more
– Upgraded HQPlayer NAA to 3.5.5 for sMS-200, sMS-200ultra
– Upgraded ROON Ready to 1.1.33
– Fixed reboot functionVersion : V0.4.55
– Date : 25-1-2019
– Fixed hostname setting bug
– Speeded up Eunhasu user interface
– Changed some of Eunhasu user interfaceVersion : V0.4.54
– Date : 18-1-2019
– Fixed SMB version setting in Network library config

Version : V0.4.53
– Date : 17-1-2019
– Apply the new background image
– Fixed Squeezelite Reset config bug
– Fixed kernel update command error
– Fixed Reset button bug of sMS-200ultra in Kernel
– Changed some of Eunhasu user interface

Version : V0.4.51
– Date : 31-12-2018
– Fixed ROON Ready display uncertified device bug
– Fixed model name added carrge return code bug
– Fixed some number setting value did not display bug in Europe country
– Upgraded Squeezelite ‘Reset config’ feature

Version : V0.4.5
– Date : 18-12-2018
– Upgrade to the higher version Linux system
– Upgrade the kernel to custom version 4.18.19-210
Improve sound quality by upgrading Linux system and custom kernel
– Support native DSD playback for most XMOS devices
– Upgrade alsa-lib to 1.1.6-2
– Upgrade ffmpeg to 4.0.2
– Add support code for kernel version 4.18.1 or higher
– Upgrade ROON Ready to 1.1.32
– Upgrade Squeezelite to
– Upgrade Logitech Media Server to 7.9.1
– Upgrade MPD to 0.20.21
– Upgrade UPMPDCLI to 1.3.3
– Upgrade HQPlayer NAA to 3.5.5 for sMS-1000SQ
– Upgrade HQPlayer NAA to 3.5.4 for sMS-200, sMS-200ultra
– Update shairport to 3.2.1
– Update LibreSpot to 1.0.4
– Update BubbleUPnP Server to 0.9.update30
– Update CD ripper to 2.9.2-1
– Changed some of Eunhasu user interface

Version : V0.4.4
– Date : 17-12-2018
– Change ROON Ready maximum Buffer duration value up to 1.0sec
– Change ROON Ready maximum Resync delay value up to 10.0sec
– Remove ‘Remove config cache’ button in Squeezelite configuration
– Add ‘Reset config’ button in Squeezelite configuration to reset all configuration value to default
– Add ROON Ready DSD x512 rate setting
– change ROON Ready setting value range to more stable configuration
– Upgrade Some Eunhasu user interface
– Prepare Eunhasu OS update method

Version : V0.4.22
– Date : 06-07-2018
– Modified some UI.
– Change MPD buffer config function.
– Edit some description.

Version : V0.4.21
– Date : 22-06-2018
– Fixed bugs about rebooting device.
– Fixed bugs that tagging can not be done when ripping to AIFF..
– Some edit typos

Version : V0.4.20
– Date : 04-06-2018
– Add the IPv6 function to system config and HQplayer NAA config page

Version : V0.4.19
– Date : 24-05-2018
– Fixed bugs about setting static ip
– Fixed bugs about library configuration

Version : V0.4.18
– Date : 13-04-2018
– Add the SMB function to library config page(to use Windows shared folder)
– Add the Buffer control function to mpd config page
– Update shairport to 3.2d29
– Fixed bugs that native DSD does not play when using squeezelite

Version : V0.4.17
– Date : 26-02-2018
– Update squeezelite to 1.8.7
– Update upmpdcli to 1.2.15
– Update Librespot to fix)
– Fixed bugs when using Upmpdcli streaming
– Fixed library config page
– Kernel upgrade to 4.4.14-209(Add a new supported DAC)

Version : V0.4.16
– Date : 18-02-2018
– Fix the MPD problems

Version : V0.4.15
– Date : 14-02-2018
– Update MPD to 0.20.16
– Set the MPD buffer value
– Update ROON Ready to 1.1.28

Version : V0.4.14
– Date : 29-01-2018
– Update HQplayer NAA to 3.5.2(with configfile)
– Add MPD audio output mixer type option
– Shairport supports all Ethernet ports and WiFi dongle
– Add all Ethernet ports?�s static IP setting feature
– Upgrade Ethernet ports automatic reset to DHCP feature
– Update Russian language.
– Update French language
– Add two more DACs for supporting native DSD
– Various small bugs fixed
– Add the kernel check feature for native DSD upgrade

Version : V0.4.0
– Date : 17-07-2017
– Add MinimServer for all sMS series
– Add BubbleUPnP server
– Add un/install service feature
– Update Roon ready to 1.1.21
– Fix LibreSpot connection error; need to reinstall LibreSpot manually by user

Version : V0.3.9
– Date : 27-06-2017
– Add static IP setting feature
– Add LibreSpot service

Version : V0.3.8
– Date : 15-05-2017
– Integrate sMS-200ultra
– Update Roonready to 1.1.19
– Add wifi dongle device IDs; TP-Link – Archer T4U AC1300, T4UHP

Version : V0.3.7
– Date : 24-04-2017
– Modify UI

Version : V0.3.6
– Date : 10-04-2017
– Update Roonready to 1.1.16
– Update NAA to 3.5.0
– Add NAA period time option
– Add DACs to native DSD: TEAC UD-501/UD-503/NT-503, OPPO Sonica, ENCORE mDSD, Denafrips DAC, Singxer F-1 converter board, HDTA Serenade DSD, Mutec MC3+ USB
– Modify kernel DSD noise patch

Version : V0.3.5
– Date : 13-03-2017
– Update Shairport-sync to 3.0
– Add Squeezelite audio options
– Add DAC information page
– Modify update check routine
– Fix empty DAC name
– Fix MPD streaming issue

Version : V0.3.4
– Date : 28-02-2017
– Modify UI

Version : V0.3.3
– Date : 06-02-2017
– Optimize bootloader to improve sound quality
– Fix samba mount bug
– Add defence code for abnormal cases
– Modify APIs for audio cards
– Modify user manual link

Version : V0.3.2
– Date : 13-01-2017
– Add DAC IDs to support native DSD

Version : V0.3.1
– Date : 12-01-2017
– Change upgrade routine with server side

Version : V0.3.0
– Date : 28-12-2016
– Fix not change background image bug
– Fix raat_watch daemon bug
– Fix broken icon for openhome
– Fix volume issue for MPD
– Add EFI mount disable only for sMS-200
– Add wifi connection feature
– Add RTL8812AU driver
– Update kernel to 4.4.14
– Modify UI

Version : V0.2.9
– Date : 09-12-2016
– Fix RoonServer config empty page – x86
– Add feature to change background image

Version : V0.2.8
– Date : 06-12-2016
– Fix incomplete upgrade bug
– Add force upgrade mode

Version : V0.2.7
– Date : 05-12-2016
– Support exFAT
– Fix upgrade unavailable via specific router
– Modify UI

Version : V0.2.6
– Date : 22-11-2016
– Fix UI issue; stuck at 99% in upgrade page
– Add internal debug code

Version : V0.2.5
– Date : 11-11-2016
– Fix OpenHome artwork issue
– Fix x86 issues

Version : V0.2.4
– Date : 11-11-2016
– Fix macOS samba connection issue

Version : V0.2.3
– Date : 10-11-2016
– Fix x86 issues
– Fix UI issues
– Modify update logic

Version : V0.2.2
– Date : 07-11-2016
– Merge from x86 version
– Fix UI issues
– Update upmpdcli package; it’ll take a long time, please have a cup of tea

Version : V0.2.1
– Date : 29-09-2016
– Hot fix

Version : V0.2.0
– Date : 28-09-2016
– Fix MPD issues
– Fix UI issues
– Fix change WORKGROUP issue after upgrade; thanks Mario D
– Remove static IP settings
– Update RAAT binary to version 1.1.7
– Add Shairport service; takes long time to upgrade

Version : V0.1.9
– Date : 30-08-2016
– Fix critical issue about ethernet
– Fix samba ntfs access issue
– Add HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter

Version : V0.1.8
– Date : 05-08-2016
– Add uboot version check routine

Version : V0.1.7
– Date : 04-08-2016
– Version up boot loader

Version : V0.1.6
– Date : 08-07-2016
– Add automatic upgrade Roon Ready Configuration file after upgrade
– Fix various minor bugs

Version : V0.1.5g
– Date : 07-07-2016
– Improve volume restore feature for ALSA device name contain escape code character.

Version : V0.1.5f
– Date : 06-07-2016
– Wait until selected audio device available for Roon Ready

Version : V0.1.5e
– Date : 03-07-2016
– Improve Roon Ready volume value restore feature

Version : V0.1.5d
– Date : 03-07-2016
– Set Roon Ready max attenuation value to -60dB for software volume mode
– Fix Roon Ready volume value restore bug
– Add Roon Ready serial number information to MAC address
– Add upgrade progress bar

Version : V0.1.5c
– Date : 30-06-2016
– Fix Roon Ready volume restore bug fix

Version : V0.1.5b
– Date : 29-06-2016
– Added select volume control method for Roon Ready

Version : V0.1.4
– Date : 28-06-2016
– Roon Ready upgrade to 1.1.1
– Eunhasu Web GUI minor bug fix

Version : V0.1.3e3
– Date : 27-06-2016
– Disable Roon Ready for certificate issue
– Eunhasu Web GUI minor bug fix

Version : V0.1.3e2
– Date : 23-06-2016
– Roon Ready minor bugs fix

Version : V0.1.3e
– Date : 23-06-2016
– Roon Ready bugs fix

Version : V0.1.3c
– Date : 22-06-2016
– Roon Ready feature Upgrade
– LED blink control added
– Various bugs fix

Version : V0.1.2
– Date : 04-04-2016
– Upgrade feature added

Version : V0.1.1
– Date : 04-03-2016
– GUI upgrade

Version : V0.1.0
– Date : 03-25-2016
– Initial release



You can find the Eunhasu firmware history via the url <an IP address of your Eunhasu device>/history.txt or go to System upgrade page on Eunhasu web gui, and click Change Log at the bottom side of the page.


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