Press release : sPA-1000

SOtM proudly announces an in-house designed D class power amp, sPA-1000 !


For immediate release : 11th, Nov, 2019

For purchasing and further information,

please contact : May Park,



 The sPA-1000 can prove that digital amplifiers are sufficient as a high-end audio devices, based on SOtM’s unique technologies


 Key features

 The sPA-1000 uses an in-house designed Class D amplifier module, which is inherently different from others.



  • Ultimate Stereo power amplifier
  • Full balanced Class D Amplifier
  • Balanced Unbalanced Input
  • Power stabilization technology





 The sPA-1000 gives you a chance to get closer to the essence of music by clearly expressing the nuances of the performers’ playing.

 Additionally, the sPA-1000 keeps delivering the benefits of digital class amplification’s  efficiency while  expressing the unique analog musical sense like from most A/B class amplifiers. With the sPA-1000, from the source device through the speakers to our ears finally, music becomes much vivid with details and realism.


Price and availability

  The MSRP is US$3500, and the silver and black colors are available.


About SOtM

SOtM is a very special brand which can deliver the Soul Of the Music through cutting edge audio technology.

SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.