Special RACK for Advanced Products

There are many factors that affect sounds in your audio system. For example, the structure of your audio room, the position of speakers, desks, chairs and even the audio device itself affect the sound. If you already have experiences of the sound change after you remove or change the position of some unnecessary components in your audio system, you will understand easily that such factors have an effect on the sound.

The audio rack is also one of these factors and many audiophiles would agree that since the rack is the closest to the audio devices it can directly take care of the vibration and reflection of sound and eventually makes sound different.

The SOtM Special Rack has been made in collaboration with TAKT who is manufacturing complete audio system accessories, their strength stems from anti vibration technology and also passion for music. All products from TAKT are designed with precise calculation and simulation under discerning music listeners to make sure they do not just excel on paper.
The rack for SOtM’s Advanced products is based on combined aluminum and white semi-translucent acrylic parts, its size exactly fits the sHP-100 or mBPS-d2s or dX-USB HD or sMS-100.

This rack has very special structures that it suspends the unit rather than hold the units as other normal racks do, this structure can be available due to the light weight of SOtM’s Advanced products, it has many good advantages to take care of the vibrations and this feature is doubled with a pendulum installed at the bottom plate.

As user’s demand, the rack is available from one stack and could add up more stacks as needed.

The SOtM Special Rack simply proves a sound change like a great audio cable does in your audio system, it makes the sound tidy & clean so you can hear a much improved sound and feel natural musical nuances, and finally you could reach closest to the musical performance which your audio devices can make. All special technics by SOtM & TAKT make it happen for real in your audio system

With SOtM Special Rack, you will be closest to the sound which you have been wishing for.