When connecting NAS to Roon server on sMS-1000SQ


Eunhasu web GUI is the web graphic user interface for the sMS-200, sMS-200ultra or sMS-1000SQ. And we just found a bug on Eunhasu for sMS-1000SQ while using Roon server feature.

————————————-Updated on 28th, Dec, 2017———————————–

After the various tests, we found NAS settings in Roon has some issue in Roon Server on sMS-1000SQ, and assuming it is related with the result which losing a connection between the Roon remote and Roon server .

So when you use NAS, please follow the instruction below to use the system stable, We are now discussing details with Roonlabs and try to update solutions in short term.

1. Active Roon Server on Euhasu web gui and then try to connect sMS-1000SQ by Roon remote app.(Even though it takea time, please do not stop and wait till it’s connected.)Library config2. Please remove all NAS connections in Roon remote-> Settings->Storage.
3. And then reboot sMS-1000SQ
4. After rebooting sMS-1000SQ, connect Eunhasu Web GUI, go to Library config -> Network library config and put the required information to use NAS and then click ‘Sync & Save changes’.

5. To check the setting has been applied, go to  Library config menu again.
6. And please exit/close the Eunhasu Web gui and run Roon remote app, go to Settings->Storage and click Add folder -> browse button. And Choose Music Storage Folder will be appeared. 
7. Choose /music folder like the image below, and then you are able to see the path which has been set in the  Eunhasu Web GUI Library config, You can use ‘Select this folder’ button and  ‘Add’ button to complete the settings.

Choose Music Storage Folder

8. Go to Roon Settings->Storage to check the settings has been applied correctly..


We are trying to solve the issue in very short term, please report us if you have experienced another issue or related with this issue.We will try to fix the issue in short term .


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please vote for the CA Readers Choice Awards 2017 here, https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/37849-ca-readers-choice-awards-2017/

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  1. tX-USBultra(opt for Master clock input connector)
  2. sCLK-EX(opt for Master cloc input connector)
  3. dCBL-CAT7 Special Edition

 And still i think the sMS-200ultra should be on the list, but the sMS-200 has been released from the last year, so that I put the sCLK-EX instead of sMS-200ultra. Thank you!



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