New Kernel Update

The repos for the new kernel build (4.18.19-220) is now uploaded in the server.
We added the following DACs:

QUAD XU1 Audio: 2622:0001
MISSION XU1 Audio: 2622:0010
LUXMAN XU1 Audio: 2622:0020
WHARFEDALE XU1 Audio:2622:0030
AUDIOLAB XU1 Audio: 2622:0040
EKCO XU1 Audio: 2622:0050
IAG XU1 Audio: 2622:0060
QUAD Audio:2622:0002
MISSION Audio: 2622:0011
LUXMAN Audio: 2622:0021
WHARFEDALE Audio: 2622:0031
AUDIOLAB Audio: 2622:0041
EKCO Audio: 2622:0051
IAG Audio: 2622:0061

If your dac is not in this link,, please check the details in the link first ,and email me for more information.

Thank you.