sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu

 The growth of network audio technology interlocked with the IT technology has been progressing to such a fast speed unparalleled ever before in history comparing with the audio technology development in the past. In order to understand it easier using a metaphor, we can refer the speed of network audio technology development to the speed of rabbit running fast in a race between rabbit and turtle. Yet, we also should not overlook the perseverance of turtle in the race, the fundamentals of audio technology as referred in audio world.

 The SOtM does already hold the technical power certainly specialized in the area of sound quality, the most important element in meeting the basic requirement of audio system, and has been recognized of its technology excellence worldwide as proven with the diversified products. Taking advantage of such technology foundation established, the SOtM has successfully introduced the sMS-1000SQ sereis product, satisfying all the demand of sound quality, functionalities and technical requirements altogether developed at last within the tightly limited budget of network audio market, which cannot be found in any market in the world.

 The sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu is to be offered with diversified options allowing the customers freely choose what they want per own favorite sound taste and system. Yet, the sMS-1000Q is capable of providing high sound quality with the basic default specification , also can easily enhance the quality of sound with simple modification such as using a separate external power supply for the USB audio port.

 As well, the sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu can be upgraded to a different level of sound quality with delicacy, transparency and clearness by adding a separate high performance clock board(sCLK-XXXX)to the USB audio port or digital / analog output functions.

 The sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu is provided with the default SSD as a standard focusing on the fast OS processing and less noise which effects on sound quality. Further, in order to meet the convenience demand of users, the sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu is coming with the option allowing installation of embedded large capacity SSD and HDD as additional storage device. Moreover, the connection of external USB HDD automatically recognized will greatly enhance the convenience of users. 

 Through the network connection, the music file available in NAS or internal storage devices can be shared using NFS and SMB function or as DLNA server and DLNA renderer with sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu, and at the same time applicable to search and playback easily. As well, the Multi-player System applicable to cope with diverse living environments can be configured by using those devices supporting and compatible with multiple numbers of sMS-1000SQ, Roon and LMS (Logitech Media Server). Plus, the sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu allows enjoying the high quality sound sources easily with convenience utilizing the high resolution streaming service such as Qobuz, TIDAL & etc. in addition to the diverse internet radio listening functions.  

 The sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu is a state-of-art music server as well as player equipped with the best technology capable of building own sound per users’ own discretion, convenience and budget. The sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu can offer the extremely satisfying sound quality no matter what sort of systems are to be configured, but we highly recommend using it as a source device for ultra high end audio systems, the users of sMS-1000Q Eunhasu will be able to experience the climax of sound quality produced by sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu. 
 Simply experience the difference and surprise with sMS-200 developed by SOtM.

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Key Feature

  • Easy Web GUI
  • Roon Ready
  • Roon Server
  • MinimServer
  • DLNA audio rederer, OpenHome support
  • MPD(Music Player Daemon)
  • LMS(Logitech Media Server)
  • Squeezelite
  • HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter
  • Shairport
  • Multi-zone network playback












Audio player
  Roon Ready
  Roon Server
  DLNA audio renderer, OpenHome support
  Music Player Daemon(MPD)
  Logitech Media Server(LMS)
  HQplayer Network Audio Adapter
Audio feature
  Supports PCM 32bit/768KHz max, DSDx512 max
  Upsampling up to PCM384KHz
  Ultra Low Jitter Clock
  Ultra Low Noise Regulator
  Active Noise canceller
USB output model
  Audio grade USB 3.0 port (tX-USBexp)
  External power input jack
  USB port power on/off switch
  USB audio class 2.0 support
Digital output model
  AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical output
  Supports 24bit/192KHz PCM max
Analog output model
  Balanced output voltage : 1.9Vrms
  Unbalanced output voltage : 0.95 Vrms
  Supports 32bit/192KHz PCM max
  THD+N : 0.005% > @ 1KHz
  Output band width : [email protected]
Option for Ultra low jitter clock
  sCLK-EX for mainboard, tX-USBexp, digital output, analog output board
  sCLK-XXXX for tX-USBexp only
Standard Storage
  64G SSD for OS
Optional data storage
  max.4TB HDD or max.2TB SSD
Power requirement
  Input Voltage : +19Vdc
  Power : Max 60W
Operating environment
  Operating temperature : +10 ~ +30℃
  Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40℃
  Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
  4Kg >


Does sMS-1000SQ support Video playback?

The video playback is available on sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition based on Windows 8.1 32bit OS .
Under 4 Gbyte video file is supportive to playback and DVD & Blu-ray Media may cause the problem while playing.

Why sMS-1000SQ is so special compare to sMS-1000?

sMS-1000SQ is the leading edge of music server and player which is the next generation of sMS-1000 and equipped with tX-USBexp.

sMS-1000SQ has been improved following, 

  • SSD operation as a standard feature, it improves sound  by faster processing speed and lesser noise. 
  • Worldwide high quality audio grade USB 3.0 host card, tX-USBexp is equipped, no one can blame the sound improvement from USB port.
  • Various options are available and users can choose the option as their request.
  • Special clock option is available for USB output, Digital output and analog output, it represent entirely different level of sound.
  • External USB HDD auto mounting for convenient to use
  • External power for Audio USB output(tX-USBexp), this feature can be easily enhance the sound quality..
  • Option for Windows OS 
  • Various hi-resolution streaming service like Qobuz or Tidal or internet radio are available
  • Much improved ultra low noise regulator, jitter clock and active noise canceller are equipped

Various options for sMS-1000SQ

sMS-1000SQ represents a variety of options to reach every single customer’s need. 

(Please check the information of sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition in separated product introduction)

  • Storage device options :

– Change standard SSD to bigger capacity storage device : available with max.4TB HDD or max.2TB SSD

– Add an extra storage device besides the standard SSD : available with max.4TB HDD or max.2TB SSD

Be noted, when choosing the extra storage device, the SILVER SATA CABLE option could improve sound a lot.

  • ODD options : Slot In DVD RW or Bluray Drive
  • Ultra Low Noise Jitter Clock options :

– sCLK-48.0 for USB output model

sCLK-2224 for Digital output or Analog output model

Precautions: when choosing the clock for Digital output or Analog output , the clock for USB audio port is not available.

  • Internal Cabling options : Silver SATA Cable for HDD, SSD or ODD

Be noted, when choosing the extra storage device, the SILVER SATA CABLE option could improve sound a lot.

how to play music files from NAS?

Please check the information on 11p-12p of the manual.

how can I transfer the files to sMS-1000SQ?

 You can simply share the data with Windows PC or other devices which have Samba client function by using sMS-1000SQ Samba server function

 Please open Explorer on Windows PC and select Network, you will find ‘VORTEXBOX’ which is the Samba server on sMS-1000SQ. 

 Please double click the ‘VORTEXBOX’ and browse the sMS-1000SQ’s data.

 Be noted :  the Samba server should have the same workgroup name with the PC which you want to share, you can change the workgroup name on Network configuration page of Web GUI.

 Once Samba server is connected, you will find there are 4 share folders.

  • files : it is the share folder which available with read and write. To manage or transfer the data on sMS-1000SQ, use this folder. Please open this folder and there are music, movies and pictures folder.
  • music : it is the music share folder which available with read only.
  • movies : it is the movie share folder for DLNA server, it is available with read only.
  • pictures : it is the picture share folder for DLNA server, it is available with read only..

 Please click ‘files’ folder and browse the data, all files in this folder is available with read and write, so you can modify, copy, move or delete the data.

 Be noted,

  • There is a folder ‘/storage/music/flac’ in DNNA, DAAP setting in Vortexbox web GUI, this folder is the same one with ‘VORTEXBOX/files/music/flac’ in Samba server.
  • if you use the music, movies, pictures folders placed right below of Vortexbox folder,  you can prevent to delete or modify the wrong data.

what controller apps are you suggesting for sMS-1000SQ ?

We recommend using OrangeSqueeze for Android devices, and iPeng8 for iPad or iPhone.

is sMS-1000SQ necessary to connect with the internet?

No, the internet connection is not necessary, but if sMS-1000SQ is connected to internet, there are some advantages.

is sMS-10000SQ capable to playback DSD?

Yes, sMS-1000SQ supports DSDx64, DSDx128 and also DXD playback.

you should refer to the manual on No.8, 10p of the manual, the Audio output device setting format should be corrected.

How to upgrade the latest Vortexbox version?

You can find the ‘Upgrade Status’ icon on the bottom of sMS-1000SQ’s Web GUI  page.

Please click the icon and you will check the current Vortexbox version. If the upgrade is needed, please click ‘Start Upgrade’ and the upgrade will be started.

If you have a problem while you proceed the upgrade, please contact us directly, we will remote your system and will support you to succeed the upgrade.

is it available to use external storage devices?

Yes, it is available. Connect the external storage device to the USB port on the rear side of sMS-1000SQ .

USB/Digital/Analog output images

sMS-1000SQ USB output

sMS-1000SQ USB output

sMS-1000SQ Digital output

sMS-1000SQ Digital output

sMS-1000SQ Analog output

sMS-1000SQ Analog output

Can I use Tidal/Qobuz with sMS-1000SQ