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 SOtM is developing the new headphone amp, sHP-100!  sHP-100 is a headphone amp/DAC, will be released officially before the end of March, 2014.  The specific information of the unit will be open after the CES show, please check the below points as for preview, the price would be around US$600-US$700.  if you can use this […]

Developing the digital media player M/B

 SOtM is developing the digital media player M/B, the name is dMPB-A20, we’re planning to pronounce this unit at 2014 CES first.  The specific information of dMPB-A20 will be open in coming days, if you’re interested in OEM business, please feel free to contact us.   High Performance Media Processor board Dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A7 CPU & […]

Aging for SOtM products

 The aging means that the product is enable to focus on the function fully by flowing the current which have effect on the component physically or chemically. Almost components such as resistors, capacitors, wires, etc need this aging.    Especially for the audio product, the components have chosen by the engineer not only for the […]