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Press release : tX-USBultra

The USB regenerator and jitter cleaner, tX-USBultra, is ready !     For immediate release For purchasing and further information please contact: Sean Lee : [email protected] May Park : [email protected] Tel : +82-41-576-7663(Fax : +82-51-576-7664)     We today announce that tX-USBultra is available. SOtM tX-USBultra is a 2 ports USB regenerator and jitter cleaner […]

Plan for 2017 High End

Greetings, SOtM will attend and exhibit at 2017 High End,Germany. The show is starting from 18th, to 21th, May and our booth is in Hall2, E07.  For the show, SOtM planned to bring the numerous new products such as sMS-200Ultra, sPS-500, mT-1000, sPA-1000 and the dCBL-U10, etc, every SOtM products will be static displaying and demoed during the show. […]

Eunhasu Native DSD support

Greetings,  SOtM announces that Eunhasu supports native DSD with certain audio function: RoonReady, Squeezelite, MPD/DLNA and HQPlayer NAA, from F/W version 3.2. And the native DSD support on Eunhasu is available with certain DACs. If your DAC is not listed below, you can continue to play DSD via DoP. If you think we may miss […]

Lunar New Year’s holiday notice

Greetings, SOtM is having a holiday from 27th -30th, January to celebrate Lunar New Year. SOtM would not respond promptly during this timing and will be back to work normally on 31th Januaray. Again, happy new year !!   PS, various new products are going to be released soon. More information will be updated on […]

Update news about sMS-200 Wi Fi

Greetings,  Finally we are able to update the news about WiFi support for sMS-200, thank you for your patient. We are still working on few more steps to be done and it will be ready shorty. Here we would like to inform you in advance that the WiFi feature will be slower than wired one […]

Press release : sCLK-EX

 SOtM proudly announces “Ultra clock module, sCLK-EX”   For immediate release                                                               For purchasing and further information, please contact: May Park, [email protected] www.sotm-audio.com   SOtM […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Seasons greeting. Time files so fast, we are at the end of the year already. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year! May all your dreams for the coming year be fulfilled. And we are really thanksful for your love in this year for SOtM. Best regards, SOtM team

Notice : sMS-200 shipping delay

Greetings, Here we are almost at the end of 2016. We deeply thank to all of your continued interest and love for SOtM in all this year 2016. In particular, the sMS-200 launched in the second half of the year has received more attention and love than expected, we really thank you for that. But […]

Press release : sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu

SOtM announces “sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu” is now available. For immediate release                                                              For purchasing and further information, please contact: May Park, [email protected]    Eunhasu music player platform is now loaded on sMS-1000SQ  SOtM has […]