Eunhasu FW version no.4.59 is released

Greetings !

The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.59 is now available.


Version : V0.4.59
– Date : 27-3-2019
– Fixed up the system upgrade time out error
– Fixed up the kernel check time out error
– Fixed the link speed setting bug
– Improved some special character USB ID recognize bug


In this update, we’ve tried to speed up the operation mainly, and fixed the reboot issue and solved some USB device were not recognized correctly.

Also we tested when setting network speed to 100BASE-T, there was certain sound improvement compared to when setting network speed to 1000 BASE-T, so we’ve added a function to be selected the network speed between 100Base-T and 1000Base-T  and it is to make the better sound quality according to the system and network environment. But when upgrading the system or installing or uninstalling the player app, the 100BASE-T network speed are not  enough and it could bring malfunction with 100BASE-T speed. So when upgrading the system or installing or uninstalling the player apps, please change the network speed to 1000BASE-T. And the Librespot and HQplayer NAA should be uninstalled first and then install it again to have the latest version.


The firmware would be kept updating for the better quality of SOtM products, please keep us reported if you find any inconvenience while using it.


Kernal update is required on V0.4.59 seperately!


<UPDATE : If an error occurs while upgrading the firmware>

 If an error occurs while upgrading the firmware, stop all audio apps and copy &paste the url below on the web browser. 

http://<your Eunhasu ip address>/exec.php?cmd=sudo echo -e “\nTimeout 3600\nProxyTimeout 3600” >> /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf; sudo reboot now;

 If you woudl try to type the url above, there is a possibility that you make typo, so please copy and paste of the url and change <your Eunhasu ip address> to your actual Eunhasu device’s IP address and press an enter key. 

 Once the connection is well made with the url, there would be “Service Unavailable” message up on the screen and then, Eunhasu will reboot automatically. 

 The upgrade could take a while(around more than 10 mins) after rebooting Eunhasu. The upgrade windows will be shown up and the upgrade process is going to be run normally. 

 If you would have an issue with upgrading the firmware, please request it to the seller.

Thank you.