Holiday notice in September


SOtM will close an office from 12th, Sep to 15th, Sep to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving Day, “CHUSEOK”.

In the meantime, SOtM would not respond in a timely manner but will keep watching on our email box.

Please use either of following email address to get prompt response, we will try to reach you with the answer as soon as possible.




2019 Summer holiday notice


Our office will close from 3rd, Aug till 11th, Aug for summer holiday.

In the meantime we would not respond promptly on any request, please understand in advance and we will be back to work normally on 12th, Aug.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and wish you have a wonderful summer .

PS, SOtM will attend the upcoming HONG KONG International audio show , it will be held for 3 days,  9th~11th, Aug.

SOtM have arranged the special demo session and seminars for the show, and there will be Q&A section included at the end of the event, if you are interested in, please visit FIM HIFI booth who is SOtM’s official partner in HK.


Upgrade cost to SDP-1000EX from sDP-1000



This information is about the cost and process to upgrade sDP-1000 to sDP-1000EX.


Why this upgrade is recommended and should be done? 

Because the following main improvement can be made from the sDP-1000 to sDP-1000EX.


  • Support to DSDx 128 and DXD.
  • By improving the balance in all bandwidth, specially the mid-low frequency bandwidth have been better played.
  • By keeping the high resolutions in playback, it could play music with deeper textures, so sound quality becomes more natural but very dynamics than before.
  • Redesign the battery for the remote newly, so normal coin battery can be used.
  • DC power can be used without the battery power.

 When used with the sPS-500, a high-performance audio DC power source, it could provide much stable and high-quality sound. With increasing in resolutions specially, it produces rich and high-quality sound that makes you feel like you are using several other high performance devices in the system.

 For reference, if you want to operate the sDP-1000EX without using the battery power, please power off all connected devices and disconnect all cables. And disconnect the internal battery connection cable. (You can find the battery replacement section at the bottom side of the product to disconnect the internal battery connection able). Wait around 30 seconds after disconnecting internal battery power connection, then connect the DC power cable back to the sDP-1000EX, and power on the power source. And turn on the power by pressing the power switch on the back of the sDP-1000EX.

 In addition, if sCLK-EX with the master clock input is installed to the sDP-1000EX to be able to have 10MHz mater clock input signal, you can easily reach to the higher level sound quality. By synchronizing 10Mhz master clock signal, the sound level would become much natural and beautiful besides rough and dry sound which have pointed out as a disadvantage of digital audio equipment.

 The upgrade cost to the sDP-1000EX is USD700, and if you want to install the master clock input to the sDP-1000EX, USD1050 is extra cost.

 You can ask the detials about this upgrade to your local dealer,  the dealer where you bought, or us directly.

 More details will be informed by circumstances.


The upgrade would take around 1 or max.2 weeks to be completed including the delivery time. 

You can purchase the sDP-1000EX directly on our online shopping mall too.


Thank you.

Updated Eunhasu F/W to ver no.4.6

Greetings !

The Eunhasu firmware version number is updated to 0.4.6.


Version : V0.4.6
– Date : 17-06-2019
– Added Ethernet auto negotiation selection feature
– Added a new feature that prevent installing and uninstalling the apps if Eunhasu server is not ready
– Upgraded ROON Ready to the version no. 1.1.36
– Upgraded Squeezelite to the version no.
– Upgraded Logitech Media Server to the version no. 7.9.2-git1559745322
– Improved the upgrade system
– Enabled read and write feature on external USB disks via network share folder


In this update, please apply the following request manually to Squeezelite and Logitech Media Server .

– Go to Logitech media server -> settings -> Plugins 

– Go to Active plugins, and uncheck DSDPlayer(v1.0) or PlayDSD(v0.5) 
– Go to Additional Repositories, and remove this line, “” 

– Click Apply button and restart Logitech Media Server.

About the new function called “Ethernet Auto negotiation”, it is automatically determined the connection speed and method with the connected device (eg router) when the Ethernet is first connected. When Link Speed is set to 100BASE-T (100Mbps) and Auto negotiation is turned off, it is unconditionally connected to 100BASE-T (100Mbps).If Auto negotiation is set to on and the connected device (eg router) supports 1000BASE-T (1Gbps), the Auto negotiation function will automatically establish a 1000BASE-T (1Gbps) connection.

These are some example settings, 

SOtM device Link Speed [Auto nego on/off] | Router device Link Speed | Final link speed
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego on] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) | 100BASE-T(100Mbps)
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego off] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) | 100BASE-T(100Mbps)
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego on] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps)
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego off] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) |
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego on] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) | 100BASE-T(100Mbps)
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego off] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) |
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego on] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps)
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego off] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps)

Be noted that most routers support Auto negotiation by default, but some routers can change the link speed of each Ethernet port to 100BASE-T (100Mbps) or 1000BASE-T (1Gbps) forcibly. For more information, please refer to the manual of the router which you are using.

In this firmware update, the kernel update is not combined, so you should make the kernel update separately if you need. 

The Eunhasu firmware will be kept updated. Please email us if you have any opinion to make it improved. 

Thank you.

Colors on the product logo will be changed


There would be color changes to the logo on the product by some optional choice.

The corresponding model is like below,

  • sMS-200 Neo
  • sMS-200ultra Neo
  • tX-USBultra
  • sPS-500
  • sNH-10G
  • sCLK-OCX10

The standard logo color is kept to be gold, and the silver and the copper color would be added per an optional choice like below,

  • Evox, silver wire changes, eABS-200 -> silver logo
  • Evox, copper wire changes, eABS-200 -> copper logo
  • Evox, silver&copper mixed changes, eABS-200 ->silver logo
  • Evox, eABS-200->copper logo

For example, if you add an option to “Evox, silver wire changes, eABS-200” to the sMS-200 Neo, it will have the silver logo instead of the standard gold logo.

But if you would install such options additionally later, the logo color would be kept in the original color. Which means, this logo color will be only applied when ordering the device at the first place.

If you have any question regarding to this subject or others, please feel free to email us,

Thank you!