Updated Eunhasu F/W to ver no.4.6

Greetings !

The Eunhasu firmware version number is updated to 0.4.6.


Version : V0.4.6
– Date : 17-06-2019
– Added Ethernet auto negotiation selection feature
– Added a new feature that prevent installing and uninstalling the apps if Eunhasu server is not ready
– Upgraded ROON Ready to the version no. 1.1.36
– Upgraded Squeezelite to the version no.
– Upgraded Logitech Media Server to the version no. 7.9.2-git1559745322
– Improved the upgrade system
– Enabled read and write feature on external USB disks via network share folder


In this update, please apply the following request manually to Squeezelite and Logitech Media Server .

– Go to Logitech media server -> settings -> Plugins 

– Go to Active plugins, and uncheck DSDPlayer(v1.0) or PlayDSD(v0.5) 
– Go to Additional Repositories, and remove this line, “http://unregimenteddrums2.000webhostapp.com/repo.xml” 

– Click Apply button and restart Logitech Media Server.

About the new function called “Ethernet Auto negotiation”, it is automatically determined the connection speed and method with the connected device (eg router) when the Ethernet is first connected. When Link Speed is set to 100BASE-T (100Mbps) and Auto negotiation is turned off, it is unconditionally connected to 100BASE-T (100Mbps).If Auto negotiation is set to on and the connected device (eg router) supports 1000BASE-T (1Gbps), the Auto negotiation function will automatically establish a 1000BASE-T (1Gbps) connection.

These are some example settings, 

SOtM device Link Speed [Auto nego on/off] | Router device Link Speed | Final link speed
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego on] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) | 100BASE-T(100Mbps)
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego off] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) | 100BASE-T(100Mbps)
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego on] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps)
100BASE-T(100Mbps) [auto nego off] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) |
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego on] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) | 100BASE-T(100Mbps)
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego off] | 100BASE-T(100Mbps) |
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego on] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps)
1000BASE-T(1Gbps) [auto nego off] | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps) | 1000BASE-T(1Gbps)

Be noted that most routers support Auto negotiation by default, but some routers can change the link speed of each Ethernet port to 100BASE-T (100Mbps) or 1000BASE-T (1Gbps) forcibly. For more information, please refer to the manual of the router which you are using.

In this firmware update, the kernel update is not combined, so you should make the kernel update separately if you need. 

The Eunhasu firmware will be kept updated. Please email us if you have any opinion to make it improved. 

Thank you.