Colors on the product logo will be changed


There would be color changes to the logo on the product by some optional choice.

The corresponding model is like below,

  • sMS-200 Neo
  • sMS-200ultra Neo
  • tX-USBultra
  • sPS-500
  • sNH-10G
  • sCLK-OCX10

The standard logo color is kept to be gold, and the silver and the copper color would be added per an optional choice like below,

  • Evox, silver wire changes, eABS-200 -> silver logo
  • Evox, copper wire changes, eABS-200 -> copper logo
  • Evox, silver&copper mixed changes, eABS-200 ->silver logo
  • Evox, eABS-200->copper logo

For example, if you add an option to “Evox, silver wire changes, eABS-200” to the sMS-200 Neo, it will have the silver logo instead of the standard gold logo.

But if you would install such options additionally later, the logo color would be kept in the original color. Which means, this logo color will be only applied when ordering the device at the first place.

If you have any question regarding to this subject or others, please feel free to email us,

Thank you!