About Qobuz 192Khz playback issue in Roon server


 We are sorry to inform you that when using Roon Server feature on sMS-1000SQ, we found an issue when playing 192KHz and 176.4KHz Qobuz streaming, and also there are random dropouts when playing 96Khz and 88.2 Khz Qobuz steaming. Only 48Khz and 44.1Khz Qobuz streaming in Roon server of sMS-1000SQ are flawless.

 We’ve tried to fix the issue, but this is out of our ability to be handled without cooperations with other partners, so we had to leave this issue unsolved.

 We apology for the situation, but if there is any chance that we are able to fix it, we will keep you updated the news.

 Thank you.