2014 High End Munich show

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 As for 2014 High End Munich show, we didn’t attend the show directly, but our Germany distributor named Digital Highend exhibited SOtM’s products at the Room no. Atrium 4 2.OG F211 

  Please take a look at the show site, .

Munich show_SOtM

 The main unit at the show site was SOtM’s first headphone amp&DAC called sHP-100.


 The series of mini devices were well placed on the SOtM’s special rack made by Takt. There were 2 systems setting on the table, one system was set to sHP-100 with sMS-100 and mBPS-d2s, in this system, sMS-100 got powered by mBPS-d2s and sHP-100 got powered by sMS-100 in sequence.

 Another system was set with PC which installed tX-USBexp/SATA filter III and Audiophile Optimizer. The connections made by SOtM’s new USB cable named dCBL-U2 & LAN cable named dCBL-CAT6. These good looking setting made sounds fluent and beutifully through the Audeze headphone.

Munich show_4

 sHP-100 including SOtM’s mini series of product got great reputation after all since the design is simple, clean and handsome with great performance, they are tidy in SOtM’s special rack, and no once can doubt about it.

Munich show_3  Munich show_1


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CES 2014 Report

– source device : SOtM sMS-1000

– DAC & Pre : SOtM sDP-1000

– Power for sMS-1000 & sDP-1000: SOtM sPS-1000

– Power Amp : Hegel H4SE

– Speaker : Martin Logan Summit X

– USB cable : SOtM dCBL-U2-S(no power signal line)

– Romm tuning accessories : made by TAKT 

– cables : made by SOtM







SOtM at the other room, ESS labs.

 H480xESS Room 

the new media server, sMS-2000 was pronounced for the first time at CES2014


SOtM’s first Heaphone Amp/DAC


 Very Promising Media Processor board, dMPB-A20


 More show pictures and reports keep updating 🙂 

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Please follow the below step to upgrade sMS-100 to version1.2 accordingly, and also re-upgrade the unit if there is abnormal symptom occurred after you upgraded ver.1.1 to ver.1.2 earlier.

Once you update the unit, you can not revert back to an older version.


Update Procedure:

1. In /APPS/Software Update select Update and wait for a link to appear “Back to the Main Page”. Do not close the GUI so you can track the update progress.
2. Reboot the unit and wait a few minutes for the system to restart.
3. In /Settings/Squeezelite name the player SOtM-Squeeze and press save. Wait for the page to refresh.
4. In /Settings/MPD name the player SOtM-MPD and press save. Wait for the page to refresh.
5. In /Settings/DLNA name the player SOtM-DLNA and press save. Wait for the page to refresh.
6. In /Settings/Airplay name the player SOtM-Airplay and press save. Wait for the page to refresh.

Update notes:

7. In/APPS/APP Switcher select the appropriate output mode desired.


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Hold on sMS-100 UPGRADE!

Please do not upgrade Sonicorbiter Version 1.1 to 1.2.

The version 1.2 is unstable, we need to fix some points and will notify the news shortly. 


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sPS-1000 Debut show in Seoul