Greetings 🙂

We’re back to work normally from 2014 Seoul audio show held in 25th to 27th, April.


Please enjoy the pictures we had taken at the show site.


– Digital Player(music server) : SOtM sMS-1000u

– DAC : SOtM sDP-1000

– Pre amp : SOtM sDP-1000

– Power supply for sMS-1000/ sDP-1000/a router : SOtM sPS-1000

– Power amp : Viola

– Speaker : Avalon

– USB cable : SOtM dCBL-U2-S

– LAN cable : SOtM dCBL-CAT.6 (prototype unit)

– Speaker cable : made by SOtM 

– inter cable : Hemingway balabced

– multi-power strip : JTA highend power strip(8 taps)

–  Cables made by SOtM

– NAS : Synology 211j

– iPTime router


– TakT products

 audio rack : SOtM’s special rack

공명 종 : Shot

NAS rack : Tray

Vibration-tuned equipment : Equitop & Equitop-H, Popsicle, Icicle, Stud L, Raft & Booster, Hive


 The below images are about SOtM’s first mini DAC/headphone amplifier named sHP-100, we built 2 systems with sHP-100 at the show site.


Source device : PC installed tX-USBexp/SATA filter, Audiophile Optimizer
DAC&Pre : sHP-100(headphone amp/dac)
Power supply : mBPS-d2s/sPS-1000
USB cable : dCBL-US-S
Headphone : AUDEZE LCD XC
LAN cable : dCBL-CAT.6



Source device : sMS-100(mini music server)
DAC&Pre : sHP-100(headphone amp/dac)
Power supply : mBPS-d2s/sPS-1000
USB cable : dCBL-US-C
headphone : AUDEZE LCD 3
LAN cable : dCBL-CAT.6

  The Seoul audio show was very special time for SOtM since we could officially introduce&show our products in public, so when we arrived at the show site before the day show started, we tried to make the best system for all visitors. 


Please click here to see more pictures of  us  at 2014 Soul audio show.

 Our room was mainly set up 1 series of sMS-1000/sDP-1000/sPS-1000 and tuned by audio tuning accessory named TakT, we tried to get all booming noises which occurred by special room circumstance and we could get the clean an sizable effect compared to other rooms after all. For visitors, they could feel the comfortable sound and detailed music nuance at our room since we tried not to make just loud music at all.


We wish music is always  with SOtM, and try to make better sound in next time.

Please contact us if you have any other queries.


Thank you.