Latest Eunhasu F/W V0.4.14


The Eunhasu Firmware version number. 0.4.14 is going to be released and updated today.


Version : V0.4.14

– Date : 29-01-2018

– Update HQplayer NAA to 3.5.2(with configfile).

– Shairport supports all Ethernet ports and WiFi dongle.

– Add all Ethernet ports’s static IP setting feature.

– Upgrade Ethernet ports automatic reset to DHCP feature.

– Update Russian language.

– Update French language.

– Add two more DACs for supporting native DSD.

– Various small bugs fixed.

– Add the kernel check feature for native DSD upgrade.


If you have anything to be reported after the update, please email us to “”


The update progress will take around 5~15 mins, so please fully wait till the update would be fully completed. But if you think the update might be gone wrongly, please use the link below to re-load the Eunhasu image newly to the micro sd card.


Thank you!



Updated info for the V0.4.14

-Add MPD audio output mixer type option
mixer_type (hardware|software|null|none)

Specifies which mixer should be used for this audio output: the hardware mixer (available for ALSA, OSS and PulseAudio), the software mixer, the “null” mixer (null; allows setting the volume, but with no effect; this can be used as a trick to implement an external mixer) or no mixer (none). By default, the hardware mixer is used for devices which support it, and none for the others.