Eunhasu firmware ver. no.0.5.4 is available

Greetings !

The new Eunhasu firmware has been released, it is the version number  0.5.4.


– Date : 06-16-2023
– Upgraded the LMS configuration to correct native DSD settings
– Fixed the audio device configuration bugs if only one audio device is connected
– Ready to update kernel 6.1.33
– Ready to update the new wifi driver for supporting the chips below
RTL88x2bu, RTL8821au, RTL8821cu, RTL8812au, and RTL8814au devices
– Fixed up the beta server upgrade bugs
– Added the automatic timezone update feature
– Added the standby feature for sMS-1000 device

The new Kernel version and the wifi driver will be updated properly once clicked the kernel update button after done Eunhasu firmware update first.


Eunhasu firmware will be kept updated.

Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any comments, concerns, or opinions.

Thank you.