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  2. The standard dc power cable is 30cm, copper wire and has OD5.5, ID2.1 jack . If you need the different jack size as like OD5.5, ID2.5 or OD3.5, ID1.3   please leave a memo after proceeding the order. If you need the other jack or different jack size besides the specified jack above, please request us in advance to check the availability.
  3. The wire type or length can be changed to 7N UPOCC stranded copper or 7N UPOCC stranded silver.
  4. 7v or 9v version available, please take a note for the proper voltage to be used after purchasing the product.

 The mPS-15va2 is a linear power supply that can be used with high-performance audio products.

 There are many factors that determine sound quality for an audio device, but there are not many components that are as important as power circuit. Especially for audio devices that have u (1/1000000) volts precision like high performance DACs, the quality of power is directly related to the quality of sound.

 The mPS-15va2 has been designed to improve sound quality for the products used together. Particularly, SOtM’s proprietary ultra-low noise regulator circuit which can drive the entire products with current output capability is more than 10 times less noise compared to typical correction-voltage ICs, and large-capacity power capacitors support the most stable power supply.

 When using mPS-15va2 as a power supply, it changes sound outlined clearly, enlarging the sound field and refining sound more calmly and luxuriously.

 All of the core parts of mPS-15va2 are designed with audio grade parts and the protection circuit is applied to protect the connected device from overcurrent and overheating.

 In addition, two output connectors can be connected to a variety of devices.


  Rated input voltage : 220Vac/ 60Hz, 120Vac/ 60Hz
  Rated input power : 15VA
  Operating voltage range : (Contact us for other spec.)
    100VAC ~ 120Vac / 50 or 60Hz
    210VAC ~ 230Vac / 50 or 60Hz
  AC line filter & Fuse
  IEC AC inlet
  System control power output(always on) : +5Vdc
  Analog power output(On/Off control)
    +10Vdc(7v, 9v version available)
    -10Vdc(-7v, -9v version available)
  Output current limit(Total 15VA max)
    +5Vdc : 1A
    +10Vdc : 1A
    -10Vdc : 1A
  Voltage tolerance : 10%
  Current tolerance : 10%(Temp : 20deg)
  miniDIN 8pin connector
Control signal
  On/Off control input
  Remote power on/off I/O
  Power exist check
Indicate LED
  Power ready LED x 1
  On/Off LED x 1
Power Regulation circuit
  Ultra low noise regulator circuit for analog power output
  3 terminal regulator for system control power output
  PPS film chip capacitor for audio and power circuit
  Tyco PolySwitch for over current protection
  Littlefuse Slo-Blo fuse & Beryllium copper fuse holder for input protection
  ALPS power switch
  Schurter IEC AC inlet
  Slim type transformer
  106 x 48 x 230(mm)
  2Kg >