Eunhasu FW ver. 4.51 is now available

Happy New Year!


The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.51 is now available.

Version : V0.4.51
– Date : 31-12-2018
– Fixed ROON Ready display uncertified device bug
– Fixed model name added carrge return code bug
– Fixed some number setting value did not display bug in Europe country
– Upgrade Squeezelite ‘Reset config’ feature

The firmware would be kept updating for the better quality of SOtM products, please keep me reported if you find any inconvenience while using it.


Tip 1. From the ver. no. 4.5, if you hear any stuttering or skipping while playing music in any feature, please adjust buffer values on each feature’s config page. For example,

roon ready config on 4.51 above

if you use Roon ready on sMS-200 or sMS-200ultra, please increase the buffer durations on Roon ready config page.


Tip 2. If your sMS-200 or sMS-200ultra is showing “uncertified” device in Roon, please update the firmware to 4.51 and then go to Roon ready config page on Eunhasu and click “Save” button to make sure the changes has been applied correctly.