Eunhasu FW ver. 4.54 is now available

Greetings !

The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.54 is now available.

Version : V0.4.54
– Date : 18-1-2019
– Fixed SMB version setting in Network library config

Version : V0.4.53
– Date : 17-1-2019
– Apply the new background image
– Fixed Squeezelite Reset config bug
– Fixed kernel update command error
– Fixed Reset button bug of sMS-200ultra in Kernel
– Change some of Eunhasu user interface

In this update, please do the kernel update seperately.

Tip 1. From the ver. no. 4.5, if you hear any stuttering or skipping while playing music in any feature, please adjust buffer values on each feature’s config page. For example,

roon ready config on 4.51 above

if you use Roon ready on sMS-200 or sMS-200ultra, please increase the buffer durations on Roon ready config page.

Please put the small values and increase the values step by step to check and test it, you will need to find what would be the best value for yoru system.

  • In Roon Ready config page, you can adjust the buffer duration from 0.1 to 1.0, and Resync delay from 0.05 to 10.
  • In Squeezelite config page, you can adjust the buffer time from 10 to 1000, period count from 4 to 256, internal buffer from 1000 to 50000.
  • In MPD config page, you can adjust the period time from 1 to 100, Buffer before play from 0 to 100, Audio buffer size from 0 to 10 and buffer_time from  0.1 to 5.
  • In HQplyear NAA config page, you can adjust the period time from 32 to 8192. (suggest 4096)


 The firmware would be kept updating for the better quality of SOtM products, please keep us reported if you find any inconvenience while using it.

Thank you.