sDP-1000EX is a high-end D/A converter and pre-amplifier. It is a device with many high-end features: a USB audio function which supports DSD playback, a high-performance clock circuit, a battery power supply, and a high performance preamplifier.

 The design is compact and classy. Various digital and analog connections are available. The OLED display window shows usage information and is easily controlled by the remote and face-plate switches.

 USB audio uses an asynchronous mode to connect a digital audio source device such as a PC. It can playback a 32 bit/384KHz PCM signal (maximum) and DSD signal. In addition, the sound quality from the input source can be improved by the specially designed high performance clock and 32 bit up-sampler circuit.

 All audio circuit parts including the DAC and preamplifier volume control are fully balanced circuits.  Not a single coupling capacitor is used in the audio signal path since that would cause distortion of the sound quality. These designs allow us to hear clear, excellent and high resolution sound.

 Also, to supply high quality power, it has two battery packs installed, while one battery provides power, the other charges and switches between these functions automatically, so there is no additional work needed once it’s connected to a power supply for charging the battery. The sDP-1000EX will work continuously via battery power only.

 There are already many DAC’s on the market, but the sDP-1000EX is incomparable. The sDP-1000EX will perform as the center of the finest high-end audio system.

* The sDP-1000EX which has the sCLK-EX installed doesn’t work with the battery power, it should be connected to 9V dc power directly.

Key Features

  • 32bit/384kHz PCM
  • DSDx64, DSDx128 support
  • OLED display
  • Remote control
  • Battery power supply
  • Optional Ultra low noise linear power supply


Mono & Stereo







USB input
  USB specification 2.0 or higher
  USB audio class 2.0
  32bit/384kHz PCM & DSDx64, DSDx128 playback
  Native ASIO support
Optical, Coaxial, AES/EBU input
  Max bit-depth : 24bit
  Sampling rate : 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
  Coaxial, BNC : 75Ω
  AES/EBU : 110Ω
Balanced input
  Max input voltage : 4 Vrms
  Input impedance : > 10kΩ
  Frequency range : 20~20kHz @ ±0.1dB
Unbalanced input
  Max input voltage : 4 Vrms
  Input impedance : > 10kΩ
  Frequency range : 20~20kHz @ ±0.1dB
Balanced output
  Output voltage at 0dB : 3.8 Vrms ±5%
  Output impedance : 47Ω ±5%
  Frequency range : 20~20kHz @ ±0.1dB
  THD : < 0.003% @ 1kHz, 0dB
Unbalanced output
  Output voltage at 0dB : 3.8 Vrms ±5%
  Output impedance : 47Ω ±5%
  Frequency range : 20~20kHz @ ±0.1dB
  THD : < 0.003% @ 1kHz, 0dB
Volume control
  Setting range : -75 ~ +10dB, 0.5dB step
Charging power input
  Input voltage : 9Vdc ±1%
  Max input current : 3A
Operating environment
  Operating temperature : 10°C ~ 35°C
  Storage temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C
  Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
Dimensions, Weight
  360 x 68 x 245(mm), 4 kg >


The OLED windows is covered with the protect film when released the unit from the factory, so once you take off this film, you will see the clean OLED window.

Tip. please rub lightly at the edge of the window and don’t use the sharp stuff when you take off the film.

Please set the volume ‘0’dB.

We recommend replacing the battery pack after 1year you purchased the unit, but the battery life time is differ from each user’s use.

Please check how to replace the battery pack by yourself.

How to replace sDP-1000 Battery pack

 All circuits on sDP-1000 is run by battery power only, but there is an adapter included as a standard accessory to charge the batteries, we admit that this battery power surely improves the sound but there is still insufficient point remains.

 So sPS-1000 is focusing to solve this issue fundamentally, it is run by complete linear circuits so can be  supply the purest dc power by cutting off all noise from inside of the unit.

If you use sDP-1000 with sPS-1000 as a combo, you will experience much more improved & upgraded sound as like you hear the higher valued audio products.

Please check the below link,

How to connect sMS-1000&sDP-1000

Please check the below link,

Wins Driver Install_Compatibility mode

sDP-1000EX has been improved on the following points from the sDP-1000.

  • Support DSD x 128 and DXD playback
  • Compare sound to sDP-1000,  the middle-bass range has been more faithfully played than the high range by the upgraded bandwidth balance.
  • Also, sDP-1000EX keeps the high resolution which sDP-1000 already has been presenting with the deeper texture  and much more stereoscopic sound.

On the remote, Set+Mute is on/off the up-sampler.

On the remote, Set+Up is to choose  the sampling rate.

Please read the review about sDP-1000EX Upsampling on Audiostream.

Also please refer to the page 7 on the manual.