Updated Eunhasu F/W to ver no.4.91

Greetings !

Eunhasu firmware has been updated to the version number 0.4.9.

Version : V0.4.91
 – Date : 04-28-2020
– Upgraded Roonready to the version 1.1.38
– Upgraded GNU C library with needed few tools for OS system to the version 2.28-9
– Fixed Upgrade GNU C library bugs for x86_64 architecture in Eunhasu V0.4.9
– Fixed display methods of Eunhasu version information in System config page
– Upgraded below apps by uninstalling and installing in Eunhasu
-> Logitech Media Server to the version 7.9.3
-> MPD to the version 0.21.21
-> Upmpdcli(DLNA renderer) to the version 1.4.7
-> HQplayer NAA to the version 4.1.1
-> Shairport to the version 3.3.5
-> LibreSpot to the version 1.1.0
-> BubbleUPnP Server to the version 0.9.update37

Eunhasu firmware will be kept updated. Please email us if you have any opinions.

Thank you.