Updated Eunhasu F/W to ver no.4.81

Greetings !

Eunhasu firmware has been updated to the version number 0.4.81.

Version : V0.4.81
– Date : 04-02-2020
– Upgraded the USB disk auto mount feature
– Changed the USB disk mount point under ‘\\<ip address>\mwdata\music\USB\’ folder
– The USB disk mount folder name is a combination of model name, file system name and UUID
– Automatically remove the USB disk mounted folder when it is disconnected
– Upgraded udev rules for reporting ‘ata’ connected USB disk
– Added ‘Sync disks’ button to write cached data into disk in Library config page
– Removed Sync mode mount feature for USB disk in Library config page
– Fixed up Tidal, Qobuz ID/PW setting error
– Upgraded the display player version information method

Eunhasu firmware will be kept updated. Please email us if you have any opinions.

Thank you.