AXPONA 2023 announcement from SOtM

AXPONA 2023 announcement from SOtM

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May Park,


SOtM’s First Phono EQ will be unveiled!


 The sPQ-100 is a SOtM’s first phono equalizer product. It is designed to respond to these various EQ graphs and cartridge specifications through the switch settings on the top of the product.
It will be revealed for the first time in the world at AXPONA 2023.

 Please come and experience its remarkable performance at Room 1409!


 We will have a demonstration for the sPQ-100 with a turntable setting, and our main setup will be arranged like the layout attached below.

If you have any other question about our products, please visit us during the show hours, our head engineer, Mr.Lee will stay for full hours there to support you.


SOtM’s all products including the forthcoming products certainly tell what the real value of audio products should be.

SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.