Warranty Information

1. Free warranty 
– While using the device properly, the defect is found caused by design or flaw from production, Manufacturer is responsible for that faulty product and guarantee free warranty service for one year from the date of purchasing.  
– Even in warranty period, malfunction or damage of the device caused by inevitable incident such as natural disaster is not subject of free warranty. 

2. Warranty at a cost 
– Device that free warranty period is expired. 
– Malfunction of the device, which is caused by user’s fault. 
– Malfunction caused by incident. 
– Malfunction caused by natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, lightning & etc. 
– In case of warranty service at a cost, customer should cover the freight cost. 

3. Samples of user’s fault 
– In case of attempt to disassemble or modify the device. 
– In case of not follow instructions on the manual. 

4. Please read the instruction manual & Q&A on our website carefully before asking for warranty service.