Here we are almost at the end of 2016.
We deeply thank to all of your continued interest and love for SOtM in all this year 2016.

In particular, the sMS-200 launched in the second half of the year has received more attention and love than expected, we really thank you for that. But here we really sorry to inform you that the delivery of sMS-200 is now delayed, and it would take about one week (up to two weeks) to prepare the stock in a generous amount.

But we will make sure that the items will be shipped sequentially as they are ready. We apologize for the delay in shipping the sMS-200 once again.

Here we are again, seems that time has really passed by this year. We look forward to seeing you with good products next year. and again, we look forward to your continued love and interest in 2016.
Happy Christmas with your family and happy New Year.
Thank you.